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Do you struggle to control the time it takes to make bread? Or do you often forget to stop after the bread ferments? As a problem that has been plaguing both novices and seasoned veterans, the control of fermentation time is very important and has a great influence on the taste and taste of bread. We intend to use synthetic biology to solve this problem.
Through the accumulation of protein concentration, we added a timing system to the yeast, so that the yeast can automatically stop fermentation after a certain time, not ready for a second fermentation.

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As a food product, we have continuously improved the yeast so that it counts time without harming human health.


Our project starts directly with yeast powder, the raw material for making bread so that users do not have to add extra steps to make bread.


Users simply add galactose to the baking process to start the timer, no extra steps are needed to keep track of the time.


By changing the threshold of the toggle switch's protein concentration, we can control the time of yeast timing to make it suitable for different breeds.


With the double insurance of galactose promoter and integrase, yeast does not start fermentation by itself under other conditions.


After interviews with several bakery owners and food science experts at China Agricultural University, the project has won their affirmation and support and is considered feasible in practical applications.