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Simple Human Practices

In order to explore the social significance of our project, we have distributed a questionnaire on "Public Views on Intestinal Gas and Intestinal Ostomy" on social platforms such as WeChat and QQ. We received a total of 324 valid answers. After analyzing and discussing the data, we have a more general and in-depth understanding of the public's views on this project, which is of great help for us to make better project results.

This questionnaire mainly reflects the views of people aged 0-20 and 30-50. More than 83% of them think that farting will bring troubles, embarrassment and other problems; and no matter what the occasion, some people will feel embarrassed. This reflects the public's need to improve this situation, which reflects the actual life benefits of our team's project.

In the survey, about 76% of the respondents had not heard of intestinal ostomy, and some of the respondents still had some concerns about biosafety about this method, and most people did not choose biopharmaceuticals for fart control. Therefore, we should increase the popularization of scientific knowledge of enterostomy and biosafety to the public; at the same time, improve our products to ensure biosafety.

Regarding biopharmaceuticals, only about 9% of people think that biopharmaceuticals are meaningless to temporarily eliminate peculiar smells. Most people are willing to buy them and prefer oral capsules. In the questionnaire, the respondents' concerns mainly focus on price, side effects, and the perception that ordinary people temporarily eliminate fart taste is of little significance. This also enlightens our future research direction, which is to reduce costs as much as possible and reduce the side effects of capsules.

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