Team:MIT/Part Collection


This page is used by the judges to evaluate your team for the medal criterion or award listed below.

Delete this box in order to be evaluated for this medal criterion and/or award. See more information at Instructions for Pages for awards.

Part Collection

Did your team make a lot of great parts? Is there a theme that ties all your parts together? Do you have more than 10 parts in this collection? Did you make a CRISPR collection, a MoClo collection, or a collection of awesome pigment parts? Describe your parts collection on this page, so the judges can evaluate you for the Best Part Collection award.

While you should put all the characterization information for your Parts on the Part's Main Page on the Registry, you are encouraged to explain how all your parts form a collection on this page.


This page should list all the parts in the collection your team made during your project and include direct links to your Parts main pages on the Registry. You must add all characterization information for your parts on Parts Main Page on the Registry. You should not put characterization information on this page.

Best Part Collection Special Prize

To be eligible for this award, each part in the collection must be well documented on the Part's Main Page on the Registry. If you have a collection of parts you wish to nominate for this special prize, make sure you add your part numbers to your judging form and delete the alert box at the top of this page.