Let'K Dissolve

Background 1;
    The COVID-19 epidemic made us pay attention to kaempferol, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial activities.

Kaempferol in various forms has attracted our attention
    Kaempferol is a common substance which widely exists in some Chinese herbal medicines. It is found in Chinese herbal medicines and in common medicines.It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions.
    In ancient China,medicinal materials which contain this substance have been widely used. Today, it still plays an important role in the prevention and control of novel coronavirus.

    However, the water solubility of kaempferol still needs to be improved, and there is room for improvement.

    Therefore, our team hopes to enhance the water solubility of kaempferol and retain its anti-inflammatory properties by .
    Increasing the glycosyl number of kaempferol in a biosynthetic way. We hope to improve the curative effect and broaden the application of the drugs containing kaempferol.

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