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DUT_China team is the closest of friend. Our team had a deep cooperation with DUT_China team all season.
1.Public engagement & Human practice
Professor Yigang Tong was invited by DUT_China to participate in our common videoconferencing of the application status of bacteriophages in the treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections(Figure1.). We have a deeper understanding of the research status and application prospects of phage therapy, which is of great help to our project.
We all conducted questionnaire survey on bacteriophage.
Figure1. Video conference screenshot

2.Proposed Implementation

We considered all the difficulties that phage therapy may face from experimental design to practical application in our proposed implementation, and exchanged views with their team. We sincerely hope that these joint efforts can help the future iGEMer.


We had great difficulty in modeling code implementations and DUT did a favour tantamount to giving us a new lease on life on model in time. They are warm-hearted and responsible. We also discussed together the question of comparative genomics in phages.
Code compiled for us by DUT IGEMer. After communicating and understanding the model we built, they built an interactive MATLAB file for us.

SCUT_China suggested that DUT can use the phage comparative genomics student informatics tool RAST, Glimmer and GeneMarkS.

Sincerely thanks for all friends again and we will continue to communicate with each other after the iGEM competition and work together for the development of synthetic biology.
4. Wiki
We ran into the problem of screen resolution adaption when building web pages. Their timely advice helped me to defuse the crisis.
1.Proposed Implementation
We collected information of phage research center in our proposed implementation.
When it became known that they did not acquire phages used to test small molecules, we provided them with the contact information of the phage research center in order to advance their project.

SUSTech_Shenzhen iGEMer’s research plan related to SCUT_China.

Our feedback to SUSTech_Shenzhen

2.Wet lab supporting
SUSTech_Shenzhen didn’t have a BSL-2 laboratory qualified to do pseudomonas aeruginosa phage testing but we have. We have rich experience in phage-related experiments and can provide relevant technical guidance and site support. We would like to help them test the effects of small molecules on phages.
Then, we have in-depth discussions on related projects. They supposed that the small molecules they screened have the potential to be used in our project.

Unfortunately, until the end of the season, they did not get ideal phages with acr-related promoter for testing. So we thought about the strategy we developed for efficient phage editing and would like to edit a specific bacteriophage that carries a acr-related promoter promoter for them, which is in processing.