The introduction of the project and the popularization of Synthetic biology to students of our school also seem essential for our team. As we not only pay attention to the experiment but also hope to cultivate students' interest by introducing IGEM.

At Dulwich International High School Suzhou, our group members made several speeches successfully and deliver talks to every year group from year 10 to year 13, regarding our experimental purpose and our designs. We explained pesticides, genetic engineering, the plasmids, and even the principles. We illustrated our point through several charts, emphasized the seriousness of this year's locust plague, and called on them to pay attention to it. We hold opinions that synthetic biology is more than just a science course. More importantly, those who are dedicating to synthetic biology need to develop an international field of vision and plan our experiments from a moral and ethical point of view. For example, the project we designed for this plague of locusts is much more than a biology competition. This is what we were talking to them. Notwithstanding some confusion, students in our school showed great interest in this, holding huge confidence in the success of our experiment.

Doing education activities in Dulwich High, Suzhou

Moreover, for the schools that we have worked with, Suzhou High School, we designed a curriculum for students there in the hope of fostering their interest, which was proved to be beneficial. Each week, this school has after-school activity time after school, and students get to choose their favorite activities. We organized a couple of students who are interested in bioscience, giving classes and offering bits of advice, including the detection of microbes in food, antibiotics bacteriostasis experiment, and strain screening of cellulose in the environment.

Doing education activities in Suzhou High School, SIP

What’s more, they got to know the preparation of LB medium, the principle or methods of sterilization, and their understanding of the distribution of microorganisms in the environment and food had been improved a lot. Most learners found this valuable, especially when they found bacteria growing on the solid medium, where they observe the size, shape, color of different types of colonies. They recorded the observation results on the experimental report sheet as soon as they found some special characteristics.

"I am very proud of what I have done. Through such teaching, each of us has the opportunity to try on our own, which gives me a sense of accomplishment." One student who was actively participating said.

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