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Special Thanks


Our first wet lab experiment was carried out at Shanghai Xuhui Central Hospital Laboratory and our second experiment took place at ATLATL Innovation Center. We appreciate both institutions for providing their laboratories under this year’s pandemic circumstance.


Our iGEM project is proposed by Dr. Tao who had provided a basic guideline for our topic. We present our thanks to Dr. Wang Tao and Dr. Liu Cuicui. We are thankful for their instruction in the lab and guidance through the experiment procedure while given us a deeper understanding of the topic.


Moreover, we want to give thanks to Ms. Zhang Sihan, who had been helping our dry team members during their business plan development and human practice.


Also, we are grateful for two former iGemer Fiona Ye and Jessica Hong who provided help and assistance during the experiment and gave us information from their previous iGEM experience.


Also, we would like to show thanks to Mr. Chen Xin and Ms. Li Hui, who given care for our team members during the process.


We want to give credit to the Wusong Sewage Plant for giving us a tour of the sewage plant. We received useful information about our project.



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