Patras: Hippocrates (2020) - Team Presentation [English]

Key Components


Statins are the drug category administered to regulate the levels of LDL cholesterol, responsible for cardiovascular diseases. However, 1/3 of patients do not respond effectively, resulting in several side effects.


There are human genes that regulate a particular drug’s metabolism. Depending on individuals’ genetic profiles, the required therapeutic drug-dose can be accurately determined by available but optional tests. The SLCO1B1 gene is involved in the uptake of statins by liver cells.

Bento Lab

We present an innovative, time-saving, and portable genotyping method based on BentoLab (iGEM UCL 2013) for detecting genome polymorphism related to statins’ metabolism.

Artificial Intelligence

We combine the portable laboratory of Molecular Biology with Artificial Intelligence to make a fast and accurate analysis of results to facilitate those who perform the test. As a result, we are happy to introduce Medicine to the 21st century by demonstrating our BentoLab - AI system.


16 students from Patras blending Pharmacogenomics with Artificial Intelligence to redefine medicine

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