Aalto-Helsinki 2020



The goal of our project was to design and construct a biosensor for macrolide detection and quantification.

  • Our basic parts include: ermC, mphr, pMphR, egfp and RBS associated with pMphR
  • Our composite parts include: Biosensor for erythromycin detection


Basic Parts

ermC: BBa_K3386000

ermC is a methyltransferase, which introduces dimethylation of the adenine residue in 23S rRNA at position 2085, thus preventing binding of macrolide and lincosamide antibiotics [1].

mphR: BBa_K3386001

A mphr gene encoding a repressor protein binding pMphR promoter sequence preventing the transcriptions of genes under it [2].

pMphR: BBa_K3386002

A pMphR promoter sequence, which naturally drives transcription of mphr, a macrolide antibiotics resistance gene [3].

egfp: BBa_K3386003

EGFP is an enhanced green fluorescence protein [4].

RBS: BBa_K3386005

RBS associated with pMphR naturally allows translation of the Mph(A) gene [3].

Composite Parts

Biosensor for Erythromycin Detection: BBa_K3386004

Our composite part is a biosensor device for erythromycin detection.




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Special thanks to HSY for all their support

Kemistintie 1, Espoo, Finland