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Attribution From Team Members
Remark: attribution from team members is evaluated according our rubric. See below.
Attribution From Others

2020 is a tough year for basically everyone, BNDS_China isn’t an exception. We’ve been through numerous troubles that we couldn’t even list all. All of our progress and awards couldn’t be made without help from others, especially our alumni of Beijing National Day School and our beloved teachers.

David Brackett

Teacher of AP Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry in BNDS, Our Primary Instructor. Mr. Brackett has given us a lot of guidance and ideas during the start phase of the project. With his excellence in Biochemistry and lab experience, Mr. Brackett gives us many professional yet pragmatic advice on our project.

Ning Kong

Lab administrator in BNDS, also our Primary Instructor. During the time of the pandemic, Mrs. Kong helps us contacting school resources actively, helping us with school resources and contacting our alumni for help. This project wouldn’t be made possible without her help and our school’s resource.

Tingzhen Liu

Tingzhen Liu is the former leader of SHSBNU_China in iGEM 2019. As an experienced iGEMer, he used his experience in iGEM to help us throughout our project. From our project design to lab experience. Even during the pandemic, Tingzhen helped us with everything he could: Lab supplies, hardware design, labwork training… Tingzhen helped our team in so many aspects that we couldn’t even list all of them.

Songyuan Zhang

Songyuan Zhang is an undergraduate student from the School of Life Sciences, Peking University. He is also an alumnus of Beijing National Day School. During our short experiment period, Songyuan has generously provided us with labwork training and mentoring. He’s also an expert at E. Coli fermentation: He’s given us a lot of advice on protein purification of E. Coli.

Yinjun Jia

Yinjun Jia in an undergraduate student from the School of Life Science, Tsinghua University. He is also an alumnus of Beijing National Day School and our secondary PI. Mr. Jia, with his professionalism and expertise, helps to bring our highschool-level project to a new level. Mr. Jia has been graciously providing his help to us throughout the project, from the moment we started our project. His help is crucial to us, and his support is beyond academics. Our team couldn’t stay together without his counseling.

Heran Wang

Undergraduate student at Edinburgh University, an alumnus of Beijing National Day School. An expert in immunology and active helper. He has been mentoring us performing labwork in the summertime, also helping us with the alumni connection. Without Heran’s help, we couldn’t meet so many helpful alumni.

Wenjin Liu

As a graduate student of Beijing Language and Culture University and Cambridge University, Liu is a proficient English speaker and writer. Most of our paperwork, including the proposal that gets the Revive and Restore grant was proof-read by him.

Haoyue Deng

As an undergraduate student of Academy of Art University, majoring in graphic design, Deng helped the team design and build up the overall visual system. She is detail-driven and values the consistency of deliverables, in order to enhance our presentation.