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Diversity and Inclusion - Team Picture

Diversity and Inclusion

The Paris Bettencourt team finds itself in the privileged position of being housed in the highly international and interdisciplinary environment of the CRI. This lent to the formation of a diverse team with its members hailing from three different countries and having a relatively good gender balance. With this being an exceptional year for iGEM and the world in general, we were happy to be able to budget for some team members to take on our project as paid interns, thus eliminating financial exclusion as a barrier to participation. That being said, we recognize that a year where there was a great reliance on digital tools and online networking requires great privilege from all teams involved as good internet access, and sufficient computer access is a real barrier to entry for some people. Nonetheless, we also made efforts to do our small part to be more inclusive by submitting captioned multilingual materials for our deliverables.