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EnviroSpeaks by IGEM RUM-UPRM

IGEM RUM-UPRM is aware of how important it is to target contamination around us with Synthetic Biology. This is why we want to hear from the other iGEM Teams about the different environmental challenges that they are facing today. In addition, we asked them to help us create awareness and educate others by designing a poster, presentation, short video, brochure, drawing, collage, or any other creative method that communicates which contaminants are present in their locations, how it has been affecting their surroundings, and/or what can we do to face these challenges.

The participating teams were: NCKU_Tainan, IIT_Roorkee, Ecuador, Edinburgh, UPCH Peru, Thrace, and AFCM-Egypt.

SynBio101: Summer Camp Collaborations by IGEM RUM-UPRM

This summer we organized the SynBio101: Sumer Camp, in which we had the opportunity to teach high school students the basics of Synthetic Biology. We held workshops about different aspects of Synthetic Biology, like its importance in our current society and the science behind genetic cloning. During the week we had other IGEM teams as guest speakers, for this we collaborated with teams: UNAL, Tec CEM, Bolivia and Ecuador. They presented their projects to the students and shared their IGEM experience.

IGEM Düsseldorf

iGEM Düsseldorf organized a so-called Postcard Collaboration. Here, iGEM teams from all over the world showed their creativity by designing their own postcards, combined with a message about their project. We participated in this collaboration, together with 31 other iGEM teams, and designed our own postcard titled “Vieques”, which was inspired by our project and our expected outcome. Here is our postcard as well as a collage of all the others.


IGEM Moscow

During the iGEM Opening week, Team iGEM Moscow made a collaboration called Flash Mob, where all the teams around the world posted an image in social media at the same time with the purpose of sharing that we are all united in time and space.

IISER Bhopal

Sugar Rush Challenge by IISER Bhopal made this collaboration to come up with a fun, engaging and creative way to get distracted during quarantine. We had to put on our baker's hats and whip up something delicious. Here is a collage of our creations.


iGEM RUM_UPRM added 5 puertorrican songs to the playlist on made by IISER_Bhopal called “The Sound of iGEM”. This playlist has songs from all over the world, allowing us to learn about other teams' culture. Go check it out on Spotify!

Team Spirit

During the iGEM World Meet Up 2020, Team RUM-UPRM along with many other teams, presented a team spirit poster where we showed how unique and interdisciplinary this team is. In addition to this, we were able to learn about other teams from all round the world.


We recorded a video talking about our team and our 2020 project in a collaboration called “iGEM Explore.” We provided insight about who we are as a team, this year’s project’s background and a brief explanation of our project.

IGEM Stony Brook University

We participated along with other teams in the #introGEM 4-week challenge. From an introduction of our 2020 team and this year’s project to reminiscing about good times in our university and summer fun, we posted photos weekly on our social media following the weekly prompts. Here are some picture collages of the challenge. Check them out!

World Wide Virtual Meetup

During the iGEM Worldwide virtual meetup hosted by the persian teams, we were selected to do a workshop called “Vieques: an Environmental Crisis”. We taught others about the origins of contamination in Vieques and how this has been affecting the biodiversity and the health of the citizens. We also had an open discussion about the contamination in other countries.

IGEM Leiden

iGEM RUM-UPRM participated with 2 other teams in the iGEM Symposium about local goals using Synthetic Biology hosted by team iGEM Leiden. Our symposium presentation was about our project since it is a local problem currently happening in Vieques, Puerto Rico. This allowed us to receive feedback about our presentation and project.

IGEM Global Meetup

During the iGEM Global Meet Up, ten LATAM teams created a Kahoot activity called “Who wants to be an iGEMer?”. Here the iGEMers were tested about general knowledge of Synthetic Biology, iGEM and the Giant Jamboree. Beside being part of the logistic team of the activity, we also design one of the promotional flyers. This activity allowed us to bond with other teams around the world.


During this collaboration, we created a 10 second video about the problem we are solving and how we are doing this with Synthetic Biology. TU Delft created a 2 minute video with all of the teams that collaborated by sending their short video too. This collaboration was definitely inspiring.


Team UPCH Peru decided to create a collaboration to highlight the importance of science in society, not only as a knowledgeable resource, but also as a development tool to solve a variety of problems. For this, we design an infographic, where we chose 3 SDGs targets in which our project can contribute to the global goals.


Submitted our wiki to be evaluated by other teams in order to receive feedback regarding the communication of our team’s project and goals, the design and functionality of the wiki and the clear evidence of results. We also evaluated other teams’ wikis in return taking into consideration the same criteria.


The main purpose of this collaboration was to symbolize the idea that iGEM teams are all united toward making the world a better and more habititabke place, even though we are competing against each other in the Giant Jamboree. To represent the expansion of iGEM worldwide and the importance it has in our lives, a light bulb collage an integral addition to the world because we have different problems to solve, yet we have the same goal.

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