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More and more people are suffering from RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) related diseases, which include cancer, genetic diseases and neurodegeneration mechanisms. If we could find some of these RBP's inhibitors, chances are that these diseases can be cured.
One great instance is cancer. Studies show that the absence of ADAR1(adenosine deaminase acting on RNA-1) in tumor cells can profoundly sensitize tumours to immunotherapy and overcome resistance to checkpoint blockade.
Therefore, our project uses directed evolution in order to find these inhibitors, dsRNA becomes a perfect candidate due to its excellent effect at RNA level. Additionlly, we use machine learning algorithms to predict the sequences of dsRNA with high affinity to ADAR1.
The whole project combines directed evolution with algorithms, and that's why it's called Semi-rational Evolution of ADAR1 inhibitor(SEAi). It provides a reference for screening inhibitors of RBPs and gives a new paradigm to directed evolution of dsRNA.
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