About our team

Consisting of 13 high school students from Suzhou, with unique interests and talents in different realms, SZ-SHD is a team driven by curiosity and passion. Aiming to solve problems by applying investigated mechanisms and theories relating to synthetic biology. Most of us are active members of the Agricultural Science and Biotech Colab under Suzhou High School of Jiangsu Province (Suzhou High School, SHS) and Dulwich International Highschool Suzhou(DHSZ). In addition to iGEM competition, we've also utilized these "resources" to investigate microbes, hydroponic systems and other quires in bio-technology.

Greenhouse Field

Team members

吴继骁 (Edward): Team leader
Leader of wet lab Before I became an iGEMer, synthetic biology is such an advanced and sophisticated field of study for me. But participating in iGEM gives our team an opportunity to explore it by ourselves: performing experiments, analyzing results, and having fun. Most importantly, iGEM gives me a chance to "graffiti" the walls of a lab.

Brandon Kong
孔令琪 (Brandon Kong): Member of our team since 2019,team leader,leader of wiki constructing
What's up, Brandon here. This is my second year participating in IGEM but first time as a team leader. Hopefully you aren't too creeped out by my team's unique design for the wiki (and if you are, it was intentional so thanks!). IGEM 2020 has truly been an exceptional journey for me and I am very grateful to be a part of it. For times when I'm not working, you can find me either chilling by the Jingji lake or napping on a couch.

雷英杰 (George): Member of our team since 2019,team leader, leader of wet lab and human practice
I am happy to attend the iGEM competition again this year. Participating in iGEM allows me to explore ourselves: performing experiments, analyzing results. I aspire to pursue the study of molecular biology and eventually become a biologist to improve the world.

张润禾 (Artemis): Wet lab + art design + modeling
I am Artemis from DHSZ, love biology and chemistry and intend to continue with these studies in University. Joining the iGEM program of research on biopesticides which could protect plants while being environmental friendly makes me enthusiastic.

徐丽茗 (Ciel): Wet lab + art design
It's beyond doubt that you reap what you sow. Hi, here is Ciel, a biology student who wants to become a lawyer.

陈思远 (Sissy): Wet lab + Leader for art design
It is my pleasure to participate in the iGEM competition and discover my potential in diverse fields. Throughout our project, I deepened my understanding of biochemistry and recognized people with the same ambitions. In the future, I aspire to pursue the study of chemical engineering and eventually become a chemist to improve the world.

刘闻源 (William): Coding for wiki
My name is William, I am a student, a Y12 student at DHSZ.I have a dream that one day our vegetables won't be threatened by the locusts. One day on the farmland, the farmer will be able to sit down and have a rest instead of being busy to protect their crops from pests.

刘子越 (Alex): Wet lab + human practice
Here comes the tool man who's adept at filling the job vacancies in experiments and Wiki image designing! Although we aren't able to include real locusts this time in our experiments, it is still my dream to major in Zoology and Environmental Science.

孙萌阳 (Leo): Wet lab + human practice
It's my pleasure to have that experience of collaboration with my friends in iGEM, which has been a very good opportunity to practice my ability as a leader and socialization. Besides, I would like to develop my interest in biology and participate in iGEM again in the future.

徐乐怡 (Zoey): Wet lab+human practice + art design
It’s an honor to cooperate with my excellent mates and get to know more about synthetic biology. IGEM really helps me fostering my interest in bioscience,which is going to be my major in college.

严思威 (Johnny): modeling + Wiki coding:
Wiki man and also doing some wet lab stuff in this team and some video making. I was quite interesting in biology then I found CS is my true love, future major might be Software / Game Design.

陈安瞳 (Clara): modeling + wet lab:
It has always been a pleasure to work with a group of people who have the same goals and interests with me. IGEM is a platform which makes me have chance to have a great teamwork with others. Apart from making new friends, working in such a well-equipped laboratory is also a novel experience to me.

DongMing Piao
朴东明 (DongMing Piao): modeling + wet lab:
I'm Dongming Piao and I'm now Year 13. I've participated in iGem as a web programmer. And I'm planning to study my major in EE in the future.




Dr. 李承

Main instructor: Dr. Cheng Li
He is a doctorate from Peking University with plenty of experience and has led multiple iGEM teams from his university in the past. Dr. Li is not only an instructor and supervisor for our lab, he has also given us lots of helpful advice and feedback for our project.


Instructor: Ms. Bingjing Cheng
Cheng graduated from Henan University; she investigated the nymphal chtinase in the embryotic development of locusts during her post-graduated study.

Shiyuan Li


Instructor: Dr. Shi Yuan Li
He is a doc orate from the CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences.


Instructor: Mr. Li
He is a graduate from Huaqiao University, studying in Embryology.

Zijie Lin


Instructor: Mr. Zijie Lin
He is a graduate from Soochow University with expertise in the development in algae cells, currently employed as a biology teacher in Suzhou High school SIP.

Murdoch Mackay

Murdoch Mackay

Instructor: Mr. Murdoch Mackay
Mr. Mackay graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Molecular biology and hereditism. He has given us useful suggestions while planning and designing our experiment. He is the head of biology at Dulwich International High School Suzhou.

Clyde Snyders

Clyde Snyders

Mr. Snyders is a graduate from the University of Cape Town and has studies related to transgenic soybeans. Now, he is also A teacher from Dulwich International Highschool Suzhou.




She is currently studying in Xi’an Jiaotong University and was the leader of our team in 2019. This year she has helped coordinate collaborations with other teams.


He is a graduate from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in life sciences. Currently, Mr. Yang is studying in the CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences for his master degree.

Dr. Tang

Dr. 唐敏

Dr. Tang received his PHD from the Imperial College of London for Polymer and Composite Engineering (PaCE). Dr. Tang is also currently a teacher in Dulwich International Highschool Suzhou.

Mr. Xiao


Mr. Xiao is a graduate from Columbia University and the University of Hawaii. He has three years of experience working in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York studying STEM cells. He is also a teacher working in Dulwich International Highschool Suzhou.

Dr. Matthew Sumner

Dr. Matthew Sumner

Dr. Sumner completed his PhD in the University of Birmingham. He is a researcher in neuroscientist and a teacher at Dulwich International High School Suzhou.

Adam Desh Pande

Adam Deshpande

Mr. Pande got master degree in genetics from Newcastle university. He is now a teacher in affiliated middle school of Qing Hua University.


Weifeng Shan, Social Science Teacher, SHSSIP
Yanting You, Biology Teacher, SHSSIP
Zhihao Qian, Manager of Agriculture Community Park, Suzhou
Prof. Hongchang Zhou, Huzhou University
Prof. Boris Tefsen, XJTLP university
Prof. Tingting Zhang
Xiaoyan Zhuang, DHSZ Principle
Huiming Hu and Dan Wang, SHSSIP Principles.
Nan Zhang, CCiC

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