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BBa_K3526000 is a basic part, a special transcription factor AtzR. This part should be used with the part the basic part BBa_K3526003. Under the presence of cyanuric acid (CYA), the AtzR can bind CYA and regulate the promoter PatzD. As a result, the GFP is expressed and emit green fluorescence.



To test the function of part BBa_K3526000 and BBa_K3526003, we build two composite part BBa_K3526004 and BBa_K3526005 into Pseudomonas putida KT2440. After reading related articles, we choose 0μM, 50μM, and 100μM as the detection concentrations of CYA. After preliminary analysis, we obtained Figure 1.


Figure 1



The results of the experiment show that with the presence of part BBa_K3526004 and BBa_K3526005, pseudomonas putida KT2440 can detect cyanuric acid.


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