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We had a very safe environment during the two weeks’ experiments.

We did experiments in a professional laboratory that belongs to a hospital, so all the equipment was safe and well-organized. Additionally, the layout of the experiment also had no safety hazards, since all the equipment were placed orderly and trimly. Considering some of the reagents used in the experiment are harmful, white gowns, masks, and disposable gloves were provided as well. Safety mentors and staff members taught us how to manipulate all the equipment safely and correctly the first day we do experiments in the lab. They also pay attention to our safety during the experiment all the time, in case some unexpected accidents happen. Our mentors are very kind and friendly, but they are very serious while talking about safety precautions.

Moreover, our food, drink, bags, and phones were not allowed to be brought into the lab. Although the experiment took place in the summer and the sun was burning outside, we still have to eat outside of the lab to ensure our safety. Our mentors took our temperature and record it every day, since the plague caused by CoV19 this year.

Ethidium bromide (EB)is the most commonly used nucleic acid dye, but it is also a dangerous carcinogen. Therefore, during the process of agar gel electrophoresis, we used another type of nucleic acid dye that does no harm to human bodies. The disposable gloves outside the latex glove were discarded as soon as we finished using the dye.

All the discarded tips, reagents, mediums, and solutions were sort into special waste tanks and trash bins to avoid chemical or biological pollution.


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