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BBa_K3526006 is a composite part contains a special transcription factor AtzR and a special promoter PatzD. The transcription factor AtzR can sense the presence of cyanuric acid (CYA), and then regulate the promoter PatzD to start expressing GFP protein. As a result, at the presence of cyanuric acid, the engineering strain with BBa_K3526006 can emit green fluorescence.



The cyanuric acid (CYA) was used for functional testing. After reading related articles, we choose 0μM, and 50μ as the detection concentrations of CYA. After preliminary analysis, we obtained Figure 4. 



Figure 1

As seen in Figure 1, when the Pseudomonas putida is not transformed, under different concentrations of CYA, the GFP fluorescence value does not change significantly along with time. However, when part BBa_K3526006 is transformed, the GFP fluorescence value increases along with time when the concentration of CYA is 50μM. This can be explained as follow: as time goes on, more and more AtzR is transcribed. PatzD is activated when atzR combines CYA leading to more transcription of GFP. The results of the experiment show that with the presence of part BBa_K3526006, pseudomonas putida KT2440 can detect cyanuric acid.


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