Team:UC San Diego/Attributions



Joseph Tsai: involved in designing the overall project. He worked on the preliminary analysis and classification of the panel of tumor-suppressive microbes. He also helped with putting together the wiki, promotion video, final presentation, and poster.

Ishan Ranjan: in charge of designing the methodology of the drylab. He was responsible for writing the code and training the machine learning framework. He helped with video editing and putting together the wiki.

Garrett Parker: involved with the computational side of the project. He helped with debugging the code for the generative model as well as with putting together the wiki.

Lindsay Wong: in charge of the administrative aspects of the project and to acquire funding for the project.

Kelvin Mo: involved with the computational side of the project.

General Support

We would like to thank UC San Diego Bioengineering Professor Dr. Daniel Zielinski as well as UC San Diego undergraduates Jennifer Cousin, Zijie Li, Spencer Liu, and Aditya Athota for their help in identifying project needs and goals as well as proposing effective Deep Learning models for use.

Project Advisor Support

We would like to thank Dr. Weg Ongkeko of the UC San Diego School of Medicine for serving as a project advisor to the 2020 UC San Diego iGEM team.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Dr. John Watson, the UC San Diego Bioengineering Department, and Mr. Mark Lewis for helping with registration and other fees for our project.