Dr. Christophe Corre

Our main supervisor. Guided us throughout the project, supported the development of our ideas, found us amazing contacts to consult for the project and helped us receive DNA deliveries during lockdown.

Dr. Emzo De Los Santos

Gave guidance on translating our originally wet lab idea into a dry lab project when the pandemic hit. Advised our modelling throughout the Summer.


Patrick Capel

Provided valuable feedback on our projects and team direction, taught us how to make films, and ran useful biology bootcamps.

Megha Bawa

Gave us amazing guidance and advice on how to tackle iGEM throughout the Summer, particularly after the disruptions of the pandemic. Provided great emotional support in the days leading up to wiki freeze.


Marion Dugué

Guided us with project ideation, teamwork and modelling. Kept us in check and provided sound advice through the Summer.

Chris Graham

Introduced us to the software we needed for the dry lab aspects of the project, and ran some biology bootcamps.


Special Thanks

Ms. Amanda Bishop for giving us sound advice about how to tackle outreach and education while in a global pandemic.

Dr. Nasir Rajpoot for giving us insight to the work of pathologists in local healthcare systems and how AI can improve patient and practitioner outcomes.

Dr. Guha Tanaya for shining light on the psychological effects on affected people whose work is not reliant on practical experiments (i.e. dry lab.)

Dr. Nicholas Dale for giving us insight to the world of inventing and implementing biosensors, as well as sharing about your academic research work.

Dr. Robin Allaby for sharing with us your research process and how it has been affected by COVID-19 in various ways.

Mr. Keith Chester Dacanay for giving a guidance about addressing awareness and marketing of our proposed test kit, using his experience from public health work.

Warwick Biology Society for allowing us to host our international iGEM Diagnostics team meetup, and helping to spread the word about synthetic biology amongst members.

Technical attributions

Uses Bootstrap 5, licensed under the MIT license.

Uses Arvo, licensed under the SIL Open Font License V1.1.

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Science Facutly Grant
School of Life Sciences
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