iGEM Athens


Mixing our Colours

Communication between teams, working towards a common goal and being there for one another all lie in the spirit of iGEM. Teamwork connects and motivates us. It inspires us to be better, innovate and inspire others. It reminds us that in good faith everything can be achieved. Engaging with other iGEM teams was fun in its own unique way, and reminded us that distance is only an illusion.

Multilingual Pollution Infographic

Reaching out to iGEM Teams for the creation of a multilingual Pollution Booklet to raise awareness about worldwide pollution together, was an idea that immediately sparked our interest.

After a thorough search through validated sources about the forms of pollution, we collected the facts we considered the most thought-provoking and created an educating Infographic. To make this global, we invited iGEM teams from all over the world to translate it into their languages and also add representative local facts their countries or cities face regarding either of the four forms of pollution. Finally, we encouraged all participants to post the Infographic on their social media to spread its message and make it as accessible as possible. 12 versions of the same Flyer composed a multilingual digital Booklet to be shared online.

The outcome was beyond our expectations. More shocking than the impact of pollution on both our planet and human health was the realization that “we’re all in this together” indeed.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in this project for actively helping us grasp the universality and severity of the problem we are addressing through MORPHÆ:
iGEM UPCH Peru for Spanish, iGEM Nantes for French and Bulgarian, iGEM Copenhagen for Danish, iGEM KU Istanbul for Turkish, Ana Domingues from iGEM NOVA Lisbon for Portuguese, Julius Fuelleborn from iGEM Groningen for German, Ronja Hulst from iGEM Groningen for Dutch, Andreea Stan from iGEM Groningen for Romanian, and Reuben Rejadhyaksha from iGEM Groningen, as well as iGEM BITS Goa, for Hindi.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

From the very beginning of our project, we knew that we wanted to pave in the ways of Sustainability. After educating ourselves in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we collectively decided to pursue meeting those SDGs. It was a pleasant surprise to be informed about iGEM UPCH Peru’s goal to show the public how science is used as a developmental tool in order to work out a plethora of problems. Their goal is to create a booklet that references each participating team's project and how it meets the SDGs. You can find our version below!


“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Art Exhibition by iGEM Nantes

We created this piece of art entitled “Synthesis”, to be featured in the Art Exhibition held by iGEM Nantes.

“The obvious beside the unfamiliar. Structurally coloured Flavobacteria colonies complete a similarly made compact disc. Both depict the same physical phenomenon. Could the upper half stand on its own? Or are we inherently drawn to what we effortlessly understand by experience?”

Postcard Challenge by iGEM Düsseldorf

Yet again, iGEM Düsseldorf brought together iGEM teams from all around the globe with the means of exchanging postcards - and that for the 5th year in a row-! We loved this way of socializing with other iGEM teams and embracing a friendly spirit among us. Here is the front page of our postcard, entitled Color for change.

We would like to thank iGEM Nantes and iGEM Düsseldorf for giving us the opportunity to create, learn and explore fantastic new ways to express ourselves and communicate our passion for Science and Art!

It's all Greek to me

We sent a short video to be included in iGEM TU Delft’s informative video. In this video, iGEM teams from around the world got to share their project and show what wonderful things can be achieved with synthetic biology. Besides, we inspired the addition of subtitles to this video and added subtitles for the Greek language. It can be found by clicking here!

In addition, we translated a children’s book made by iGEM PYMS GZ China. You can find it here!

Alone Together

We took part in the organization of the virtual Big Greek iGEM Meetup held by iGEM Thessaly.

Future Perspectives

3D Art Hub

Being the art enthusiasts that we are, we were delighted to find out that our product offers a novel tool for BioArt. This made us want to bring this form of art to the public. We decided to approach this in two ways. First, we wanted to bring BioArt to our community. This we did in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts; more on that you can find our Science Communication page.

Seeking to expand on that, we wanted to bring BioArt to the iGEM community, and then the world. Thus, the idea of an iGEM BioArt hub was born. This would be done by creating a cooperative art exhibition, in which each team would present a piece of art that combines Science and Art, but all with a little twist; each work of art would be incorporated into a virtual 3D museum! To bring this to fruition, we would collaborate with iGEM Nantes by presenting their Art exhibition to our 3D museum, along with the work created in the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Unfortunately, COVID-19-induced limitations set us behind schedule, and we were not able to host iGEM Nantes’ exhibition at our museum. Nevertheless, the foundations for future collaboration have been set and we will be more than happy to present a virtual iGEM art museum on Phase II of our project.

"butterfly scales 10x top light" by Rich Gibson is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0