iGEM Athens


Our team was formed -almost- a year ago by six science-passionate students. Soon after six more joined, and thus the Athenian team for iGEM 2020 came to be. Inspired by the beauty of nature, we decided to work on the reproduction of structural colouration. This miraculous journey gave us the chance to create, do research on an exciting subject and do our part in helping the world become a better place. Little did we know that, in the pursuit of creating new knowledge, we created a family. From the very beginning our team was filled with compassion, trust and love. Every meeting was filled with joy, and laughter always echoed in the room; sometimes we shed a few tears. We were always there to support each other and we aspire to continue to do so. This one of a kind experience has let us grow, colour, and shape ourselves.

iGEM has given new colours to our morphæ.

Disclaimer: Each member's skills were chosen by another member.

George Broutzakis

Dimos Aslanis

Andreas A.T. Dekmak

Eleftheria Kelefioti-Stratidaki

Ilias Toumpe

Kalliopi Belegri

Kleoniki Pylarinou

Marianna Ioannidou

Natalia Salpea

Vasileia Spiridaki

Orsalia Veloudiou

Spyros Kanellopoulos

"Morpho rhetenor cacica Wing Detail" by Frupus is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0