Team:Austin UTexas/Collaborations


During our iGEM 2020 project, we were able to create meaningful collaborations with iGEM teams across the world virtually. These collaborations helped us gain new perspective on our own project, while also learning about interesting projects from other teams.

Collaboration with Tu_Delft Team

Our iGEM team formed a partnership with The TU Delft team because we shared a similar goal: optimizing the production of a signal or protein in the T7 bacteriophage. Throughout the project, we had multiple online meetings to introduce each other to our projects and work on exchanging our unique knowledge of the models each team utilized. Our team was able to introduce the TU Delft team to the PineTree modeling software, which offered a representation for the changes in levels of gene expression modifying the T7 bacteriophage. This is in contrast to their focus on population dynamics via phage-host interactions. Furthermore, the simulations on Pinetree were able to provide some understanding into how the toxin they wish to incorporate into the T7 bacteriophage would be expressed and also allowing them to anticipate the results of their wet lab procedures. More information can be found on our Partnership page.

First meeting with the TU Delft Team to discuss each team's project goals

Collaboration with KU Istanbul

The KU_Istanbul iGEM team reached out to our iGEM team because we both aimed to use the PineTree modeling software to understand gene expression of edited genomes. Through a video call with the KU Istanbul iGEM team, we were able to help the team understand how to download and work with the Pinetree software that was developed in the UT Wilke lab. In this call, we went through the procedure to download the Pinetree software step-by-step. We also ran through a toy model that ran a Pinetree simulation using a test script called After running this simulation, we showed them how time course, which is an R script our iGEM team created, can be used to visualize the output of the Pinetree simulation. Through this process, the KU_Istanbul iGEM team was able to gain a stronger understanding of the how to use Pinetree in their own experiment.

Meeting with the KU Istanbul Team