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iGEM is not only about the project but also about the community. Our team never misses the opportunity to help fellow teams, be it filling a survey or participating in an Instagram challenge. This year is exceptional with all restrictions associated with COVID-19 pandemic. But nothing can stop iGEMers, even the biggest pandemic in the last 100 years. During the season we have participated in 21 collaborations, 4 of which were initiated by us, and one leading to partnership. Even though most of them took place online, they still brought fun and many benefits.

Initiated by us

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“Guess The Synbio”
Before And After iGEM
Lab Slang
Consumption Of Lipid-based Products

Partners' collaborations

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Journal Collaborations
Muggle Journal
Technion Survey
NCKU Survey

Emission Survey
CCA Survey
10 Second Project

Cell Adventure
Online Meeting Bingo
Language Challenge
Sugar Rush Challenge
6 Things Quarantine
Flash Mob
Being An iGEMer
Quarantine Instagram