Team:Hong Kong CityU/Students

Meet Our Team Members

Ahn Dohyun

AHN Dohyun (David)

Hello! My name is David Ahn, a year 2 student in Chemistry, and I am in charge of the wiki-page design. I decided to participate in the iGEM competition this year to expand my research experience and explore more about synthetic biology. This iGEM competition has provided me many great opportunities to explore and learn more about synthetic biology. Also, I had the chance to learn designing webpage and build unforgettable memories with my great teammates.


CHAN Tsz Ki (Delta)

Hello, my name is Delta. I am currently a year two student majoring in Chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong. I love science very much, and becoming a scientist has always been my dream. I am new to Synthetic biology, and this is my first time taking part in an International Science Competition. I am enjoying the experience and hope our team will perform well in the 2020 iGEM Competition. As a member of the outreach team, I am responsible for contacting different iGEM teams in Hong Kong to establish collaborative and partnership activities.

FUNG Kai Shing

FUNG Kai Shing (Jason)

Hello. I am Jason, a year two student majoring in Chemistry. This is my first time to join this international competition. I have heard that iGEM is a competition for a group of enthusiastic scientists to solve global issues and exchange scientific ideas. It is my honor to take part in this amazing event. In this competition, I have been exploring an area of science in biological engineering and synthetic biology that is new to me. In addition to my involvement in experimental design and analysis, I am also responsible for poster and banner design.

FUNG Suet Ching

FUNG Suet Ching (Anissa)

Hi there, I am Annissa. I am in the outreach team which is responsible for organizing all outreach activities. It is my honor to participate in the CityU iGEM Team this year. Being a university student, majoring in Chemistry, it has not been easy to learn about synthetic biology which involves complex biological systems. Science requires untiring efforts and endless failures before reaching success. Nevertheless, iGEM gathers us all together. By working in our own area of expertise, I believe we could reach the destination someday. Again, let's hope for the best and live for science!

Niharika PANT (Niharika)

Hi, I am Niharika. I am a year 3 student majoring in Mechanical engineering with a minor in applied psychology and was one of the people responsible for working on the wiki page and web development. It was a good experience working with the team and it was overall a great learning experience being a participant in the competition.

WAN Ka Ming

WAN Ka Ming (Ming)

Hi, everyone. This is Ming. It’s exciting and meaningful to join an international competition on synthetic biology and to gain more hands-on experience, e.g., PCR and recombinant DNA technology through the project. My primary role was maintaining an activity log of the plans and ideas originating from discussions and progress of the project at each group meeting. It was a challenging task designing a plastic-degrading bacterium for a team of undergraduate students majoring in Chemistry with little background in biology. I trust we will overcome the challenges together as a team.

CHEUNG Tsz Kui (Enoch)

Hello! I’m Enoch, a year two student majoring in Chemistry. I decided to join this competition because I would like to gain more research experience in science. My primary role in the team is focused on fostering partnership with other local iGEM teams in Hong Kong, and science communication. Being a part of the outreach team, I had a lot of opportunity organizing various outreach activities with other teams in HK, which made this project more challenging and meaningful to me. Preparing for the 2020 iGEM Competition with my wonderful teammates is one of the most unforgettable events in my life.

ZHANG Shuyuan (Harrison)

Hello everyone, this is Harrison from the Department of Chemistry. I have a strong interest in scientific learning and research. This is my first time taking part in a project in synthetic biology. I am very excited and confident about this challenge. I am part of the team responsible for the design of the project wiki page. I am very happy to have this opportunity to learn and practise synthetic biology but also the skills of designing a web page. I am honored to have the opportunity to share the experience with my excellent teammates.

SO Yung Mau (Ellis)

Hi, I am Ellis, a year two student majoring in Chemistry. It is the first time for me to engage in a scientific research project. As a Chemistry student, I am so privileged to be a part of this biology competition. iGEM gives me a golden opportunity to learn about synthetic biology and how to conduct biological research. I am passionate for the lab work to design a biobrick of enzyme genes to construct a plastic-eating bug to facilitate plastic biodegradation. Hopefully this joyful iGEM project will strengthen my problem-solving skills and work efficiency.

CityU HK IGEM 2020