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Dr. KONG Yuen Chong Richard

Dr. Richard Kong is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at City University of Hong Kong. His research interest is on the application of DNA-based technologies to develop novel risk assessment and bioremediation tools to address problems related to diverse aspects of pollution in the marine environment. He is the Principal Advisor of the 2020 iGEM team at CityU, providing the necessary guidance, training and support to the iGEMers.

Dr. LAI Keng Po Ball

Dr. Ball Lai is an Adjunct professor in the Dept of Chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong. His research is focused on molecular toxicology and risk assessment of exposure of vertebrates to environmental pollutants. He is one of the scientific advisors to the 2020 CityUiGEM team and provides valuable advice on plastic pollutants treatment.

Mr. HO Cheuk Hin Jeff

Mr Jeff Ho is an instructor of the 2020 CityU iGEM team. His research interest is focused on fish biology and topics related to venom studies to structural biology. He has provided valuable guidance and support to the iGEM team on all aspects of the project related to the competition and helped with the overall coordination of the iGEM project with students and Principal Advisor in preparation for the 2020 iGEM Jamboree.


Dr. Tse

Dr. Man-Kit TSE

Dr. Man-Kit TSE is currently works as a scientific officer in Department of Chemistry at City University of Hong Kong. He obtained his PhD and underwent his postdoc training on Protein NMR spectroscopy and structural biology of bacterial virulence factor at The University of Hong Kong. He has been interested in the development of experimental methods for applying NMR spectroscopy for determining the structure and characterizing the function of biomolecule.

Dr. Kai Chung LAU

Dr. Kai Chung Lau is currently an associate professor at Department of Chemistry at CityU. His research works are to use of state-of-the-art computational hardware and high-level theoretical methods to solve problems in chemistry, e.g., using ab initio theory to study chemical reactivities and reaction mechanisms of organic and organometallic molecules as well as employing theoretical method to predict thermochemistry of ionic, neutral and reactive radical species.

Dr. CHEUNG Kwok Ming Wolf

Former teaching staff of the Department of Chemistry of CityU. He has very broad research interest and occasionally jumps from one research area to an entirely unrelated one. His most recent leap is from developmental biology to biopharmaceuticals. He spends most of his time in the lab(s) farming and killing both cancer cells and E. coli, while enjoying all varieties of tea.

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