Team:Hong Kong HKU/symposium



In order to provide a platform for all Synthetic Biology Enthusiasts to exchange ideas, we held the first-ever HK Virtual Symposium on 'Advances in Synthetic Biology' on 29/8/2020.

We invited all HK iGEM teams - HKU, HKUST, HK CityU, CPU-WFN-WYY, HCY and SSC teams. It was truly interesting listening to their projects, as all teams have fascinating ideas on using synbio in fields like environmental remediation and medicine. We also invited several ex-iGEM team members from the undergraduate teams to give comments to each group after their presentation. The advice is really rewarding. For us, one of the questions from the advisors gave us an inspiration of the future development of our project, and on how we should ensure the safety of our gene circuit when applied to daily lives.

Snapshots of team presentation and panel commenting session

During the symposium, 4 experts in the field also came and share their projects, and points of view on Synthetic Biology. The talks were really inspiring, as we not only learnt about several top-notch research currently done, but also learnt more about how to set up a start-up based on a Synbio project. We also learnt more about the ethical issues raised by synbio as the technology continues to advance.

Snapshots of keynote lectures

The Symposium has reached nearly 500 audiences now (live and on Youtube). We sincerely hope that the virtual symposium served as a platform for all enthusiasts to share their ideas, and generate new ideas with discussion. We also have to thank HKUST and HK CityU team for co-hosting this symposium with us.

Here is our symposium rundown and brochure~

If you missed our symposium, it is now on Youtube via the link: Feel free to take a look if you are interested!