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Team:ICS BKK/Attributions

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  This year, our team has been fortunate to receive support from Dr. Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemistry in Kasetsart University. Dr. Choowongkomon has kindly provided mentorship and access to his lab equipment and lab organisms. During discussions, Dr. Choowongkomon recommended different biopanning methods. His students, Mr. Lueacha Tabtimmai and Ms. Ying Natchaya, have also been helpful instructors in our wet lab research, providing day-to-day support and offering solutions to setbacks.

  In addition to his assistance in wet lab research, Dr. Choowongkomon has also provided continuous guidance in the different softwares used to complete the computational portion of the project.


  We have also worked closely with Dr. Puey Ounjai, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology in Mahidol University. Dr. Ounjai was instrumental in the early stages of our idea development process and introduced us to multiple computational techniques that became useful later on in our project. In addition, Dr. Ounjai connected us with Dr. Choowongkomon.


  We would also like to thank Dr. Pakpoom Subsoontorn, Mr. Ithipong Assaranurak, Ms. Pimkhuan Hannanta-an, and Mr. Pat Pataranutaporn, who were instrumental in helping us choose and develop our initial ideas and refine our target organisms as S. mutans.

  We would like to thank Mr. Paul Muri, our high school Biology teacher, who has continuously provided support throughout the entire iGEM project.


  As for our human practices work, we owe our final project ideas to Dr. Ruangrat Komolpis, Dr. Sakorn Hunsuwan, and Dr. Pimsupa Kitsricharoenchai for their opinions during their interviews on our initial project idea of targeting S. mutans in dental cavities. We would also like to thank Dr Thiwan Wirawan, a pediatrician at Thainakarin Hospital for her opinion on the final project idea of targeting S. Pyogenes in tonsillitis and strep throat.


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