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Team:ICS BKK/Contribution

Team:ICS BKK/Contribution - 2020.igem.org


  For our contribution we added one part, which is the result of our computational lab. The part we added was the mutated Phage P2 that binds to S. pyogenes. Since our computational lab focused on mutating Phage P2 so that it can bind to S. pyogenes while retaining its properties to bind to its natural host Lactococcus lactis, we modified over 450 strains of Phage P2 and docked them with S. pyogenes to find the strain with the lowest binding affinity. We found it and included the sequence in our part here, along with the methodology, software, and specific details of what the phage does and how we computationally modeled it. This part is essentially the main result from our computational lab.