Team:Jilin China

L O A D I N G . . .
The Game of Life is a cellular automaton invented by John Conway, which inspired us to use synthetic biological method to create a new ‘Game of Life’ based on the competitive growth of bacteria. In this part we will introduce the generation of the iGAME, What have inspired our project? Where can our project be applied? And what did we do?
This year we design a synthetic biological game between two different kinds of bacteria. By adjusting the irradiated condition of different colors of light, we introduce three major pathways to our engineered bacteria, which realizes by one expressing substances to inhibit the other’s growth or indirectly inhibit its own growth. In this way we hope to provide a more interesting approach for those interested in synthetic biology.
In order to make our project theoretically feasible, we use modeling to guide our project. Our model is divided into two parts: one is to build differential equations of molecular dynamics and simulate the overall game structure with local experimental data; the other is to cut the image of culture medium colony based on KNN algorithm and judge the winner of the game.
Human Practices
Our Human Practices guide our projects from brainstorming to comprehensive evaluation. In the early stage of the project, in order to know the public acceptance towards our project, we have distributed questionnaires. During project design, Human Practices provided us with real-time guidance and advice to help us improve the parts of the project. At the same time, it has also instructed us to better apply our projects in the society.
This year's Education was aimed at college students, middle school students, primary school students and people with defective vision and hearing disorder. For different groups of people, we adopted different promoting materials, such as comics, science books, videos and so on, aiming to help them understand iGEM and synthetic biology. We also designed cartoon characters so that people unfamiliar with synthetic biology can also have a good understanding of our project.
Proof of Concept