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Shangyi Zhu

Management Leader

Although I am currently trapped in Boston because of the pandemic, I still stay optimistic and connect with the entire team online. I do research, keep track of the whole team schedule, and do many art related works for the project. During this time surviving on my own, I enjoy improvising on my piano in dorian or phrygian mode or arguing with friends about the ideal utopia.

Eve Wang

Human Practices Leader

Currently, I am studying in grade 11 in Shenzhen Foreign Languages. In the team, I am responsible for external contact, urging teammates to complete tasks on time and coordinating their work. This is my second time participating in iGEM, because I find that I really like synthetic biology. In the future, I would like to solve human health problems through synthetic biology.

Stephen Ye

Experiment Leader

I am Stephen Ye from SCIE. I am avid to study biology, biomedical and medicine. I want to discover the mystery of nature and the beauty of lives and find a way to protect the Earth and all livings.

Brooklynn Liu

Experiment Leader

Hello everyone, my name is Brooklynn from Link-China and is a student from Shenzhen College of International Education. As I desire to learn Biochemistry as my subject, my purpose of joining the iGEM team is to experience the process of designing a project and providing reports. I really enjoy the time spending with this team.

Johnny Dai

Hardware Team leader

Hi, I am Johnny Dai, I am trying to attempt as many things as possible while I still could. This time, I’m involved in all sorts of things, such as leading our product R&D, video editing, graphics design, and some amount of “diplomacy”. I’ve learnt a lot through iGEM this year.

Carl He

Hardware Designer, Video maker and Wet-Lab experimenter

I am Carl He from the Hun school of Princeton, also a former student of BASIS International Shenzhen. During the 15 years of my life, I’ve been enjoying robotics, programming, and designing. For example, I took coding and web-design last year in school, and I have participated in robotics competitions like FTC. Recently, I’m also finding my interests in filmmaking/creating videos.

Mesue Wang

Art Designer and Video Director

Hi,I'm Mesue from Shenzhen Vanke Meisha Academy. The reason why synbio draws me in is that it's inspirational and promising. Joining this gets me a chance to put what I learnt to application and study more techniques. Besides doing experiments, I have contributed to design and advertisement because my personal interest.

Marie Wei

Art Designer

Hi everyone! My name is Marie Wei and I’m so glad to join iGEM again in 2020! As a member of team Greatbay_China back in 2018, I have always hoped to again explores the wonders of syn-bio from both my team’s project and others bright ideas across the world. Therefore, I’m glad to be part of LINKS_China as I helped to design the team’s wiki, promotion video cartoons and other related art designs in order to better communicate our PICACHU with more people out there.

Kevin Yang

Wet Lab

I am Kevin, a 9th grader in Culver Academy. I love biology, baseball, weiqi, horse riding, and board games. Participating in iGEM this year is to improve my scientific research skills.

Aaron Zhang

Wet Lab and Hardware

I am Aaron Zhang from BASIS International Park Lane Harbour and I’m a biology nerd. In my spare time, I also like playing chess and reading. I hope that our project can make an impact in the real world and provide benefits to people around the world.

Leo Li

Hardware designer

I am Leo, 18 years old. I can do some computer aid design. In LINKS_China, I am mainly in charge of designing and studying hardware components. It’s a pity that I am not in Shenzhen to help my teammates on experiments.

Zhuomei Zhang

Hardware designer

I’m Zhuomei Zhang, from Quarry Lane School 22’. I’m passionate about neuroscience and paleontology. I’ve been playing zhong ruan for years and I’m interested in neotraditional music. I’m also an amateur of volleyball (setter) and track & field; a fan of ‘Haikyu’ and ‘Run with the wind.’

Wency Suo

Education Kit Designer

Hi my name is Wency Suo and I am a 9th grader in the links China 2020 iGEM team. I am very excited to learn about synthetic biology and be part of a project that puts my skills to the test. I really hope my interest in biology, chemistry, and computer science will help my team pave the way to the future through synbio.

Fion Wu

Wet Lab and HPs

Hi, I am Fion from SCIE. I am in G1 now. For me, biology and computer science are subjects that can make a difference and change the world. So I hope I can make use of all the opportunities and learn more about them.

Mike Jiang

Paper Research and Wet Lab

My name is Mike Jiang, a student from SFLS. As a second year iGEMer, I really enjoy using synthetic biology to solve problems in daily life, and this year, I meet a group of ambitious teammates and a cool project. Come on, research; come on, experiment!

Lida Cao

Wet Lab

Hello, everyone. My name is Dai Cao (but I am more commonly referred to by my English name Lida). I am from SCIE and currently in G1. I have a strong interest for molecular and synthetic biology and hoped that under the skillful guidance of my teachers, I can explore further in these subjects through iGEM.

Zane Zhao

Wet Lab

I’m Zane Zhao, living in Shenzhen, China. Currently studying in Vanke Meisha Academy as a G10 student. As a member of LINKS_China, my job is to do some basic experiments as well as dealing some problems with the human practice of our product.

Josh Wei

Wet Lab and Video maker

My name is Jiaxi Wei, and I was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in 2004. I am currently studying in Class 18, Grade 11 in Shenzhen Middle School. Usually, I enjoy learning about biology and chemistry, and I will play badminton to relax myself in my spare time. I am keen on conducting experiments, so zealous that I can stay in the laboratory all day. For these reasons, I participate in IGEM, expecting to explore mysteries of biology with my team members.

David Zhao

Wet Lab

Hi guys! I’m David Zhao. I’m a Junior at The Governor’s Academy in Massachusetts. I enjoy playing the drums and playing basketball. This is my first year attending iGEM and I hope I could both help our team and learn a lot more about Biology!

David Liu

Wet Lab, Paper Reaserch and Video Maker

David, 14years old, 9th grade. I’m in St. Marks school and currently participate in iGEM. My role is paper research as well as the experimenter.

Bruce Li

Bruce Li

Hi everyone, I’m Bruce from Sendelta International Academy. I applied to join the LINKS-CHINA team to take part in the match. Attending the competition is a very important and valuable time period during my whole senior high school. As the pandemic arose so suddenly, it gave me plenty of time to devote myself into the experiments and discussions. I hope our team can do a better job than before and contribute more to the program.

Yoyo Chang


Yoyo, an iGEMer from Greatbay_SZ of iGEM 2019. She was mainly in charge of Wet Lab and Parts Editing. IGEM is an important experience of my growth in all dimensions, and I hope to lead LINKS_China to achieve the best results this year.

James Yang


James, one of the advisors of this team. As a former team leader, He participated in iGEM 2019 with instructor Wang, and together they won the grand prize. This year he is helping the team with their coding on wiki.

Boxiang Wang

Primary PI

Boxiang Wang is the primary PI of LINKS_China. He is a stand user who can design and construct any DNA sequence he wants, and always encourage the team by his bizarre JOJO pose. In daily work he taught us courses about molecular biology, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, paper research, and primer design. He gave us weekly project plan on the white board and ensured the tasks were completed by his Wing-Chun Kongfu.

Yu Han


Hi, I am Yu Han, the instructor of LINKS_China in 2020. This year, I have stayed with the team members for several months and helped them with their experiment skills. The time that I have spent with them is enjoyable. Their energy, sincerity, and hardworking inspire me a lot.

Qing Liang

Secondary PI

Qing Liang, a passionate science educator and studied developmental psychology and mechanics engineering in college, is the secondary PI in LINKS-China from Link Spider Academy. She is responsible for supervising the HP division and the hardware progress, making sure the submission of all material to meet the requirements.