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The Experts !!

For a bunch of students who just started crawling in synthetic biology, taking a plunge in iGEM and developing the project in unforgettable Covid times was one of a kind experience for us. We are indebted to the relentless guidance and support received from these experts.

Dr. Kapila Kumar (Principal Investigator): Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology Faculty of Engineering & Technology Manav Rachna International Institute of research and Studies Faridabad, Haryana, INDIA

It was under the able guidance of Dr. Kumar that the team was born and students across different specializations came together to work on the project. Her specialization lies in Functional Genomics and molecular biology. She has been a government sponsored trainee in Synthetic Biology.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy Kanan (Instructor):Chair Professor- Biotechnology, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies. His specialization lies in Protein engineering and Stem Cell Biology. He has established many Biotechnology institutes in India.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy Kanan has been our pillar of support all through the project and instructed us on how’s and why’s of approaching an idea and transcending it into reality step by step.

Team Members:

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

Standing shoulder to shoulder and lending hands we have come a long way in fostering our relations with one another and shaping our common goal.

Sristhi Chopra-”The Mewtwo” (Team Leader):

I am the Legendary Mewtwo for our project. I am an Student and an avid speaker, for me getting everyone on foot and doing the work is of utmost importance. Not one to take no for an answer she is the core of all presentations and had taken strive in the creative aspect of the team work the; human practices and outdoor activities.

Shivani Khare- ‘Eevee’

As Eevee, the evolution pokemon, I shift gears where need be. I've handled presentations, finance and management for the team. Sourcing and Resourcing people, data, and opportunities is what I do best and did for my team.

Hardik Grover- ‘Mew’

Hardik (i.e. me) Pokémonically coincides with Mew. Besides that, Mew defines my commitment and proofreading abilities. Initially, my job along with my fellow technical person was to target the Biological aspect to design the project and early ideation and conceptualization and later it focused on designing, standardizing and performing experiments.

Tarini Vohra - ‘Pidgey’

I am the Pidey for our project. Pidgey is known for its keen eye and being on the technical front of this project, it gave me an opportunity to explore my fastidiousness towards developing the working bones of the project.I was primarily involved in the ideation process and understanding the nitty-gritty of the technical aspects to arrive at a solid design/scheme for the project.

Dewashish Kaushik- ‘Kadabra’

I am the kadabra of my team as I have inner focus which helps me in doing my tasks as a part of the mathematical modelling team. Also, I along with my teammates synchronized the whole work related to mathematical modelling for extracting useful results.

Umra Mehmood Jaf -‘Jigglypuff’

I am Jigglypuff of our project. I am keen eyed, charming, active and energetic. I have tried utilizing my abilities in full confidence in gathering data for literature survey, mathematical modeling and in technicalities associated with our project.

Kartik Jatwani - ‘Golbat’

I am the Legendary Golbat for our project. I've got inner focus and I don't flinch in any situation. I can commit to work and I think it's in my genes. I would love to edit my genes to try out all the different combinations.

Shivam Bhardwaj -‘Arceus’

I am arceus of my team. I have performed all the tasks in a well organized manner due to the abilities that I possess. My team believes that I am a integral part of human practices team as I have utilized my abilities to communicate people from different backgrounds and also handle all the social media pages of my team!!!

Abhilansh Pandey -'Pikachu’

I’m Pikáchu of my team. I have powerful electrical abilities which keep everyone around me warm and happy. I have electrical current in my brain too which helps me think fast and logically all the time. I’m the one whom the team can look upon for help in various aspects of the project. I worked in mathematical modelling. I am involved in compiling all the mathematical work of our project.

Alokit Tanwar- 'Charizard'

I am charizard of my team. Just like a charizard, I'm furious and I utilize all my abilities and capabilities while working with my human practices team. I was responsible in handling the outdoor responsibilities of my human practice team.

Japneet Singh-’Rayquaza’

I’m ‘Rayquaza’ of my team. I am the wiki developer of my team. Like the sky high pokemon I expand my horizon and branch out in pursuit of knowledge. Being from non- lifescience background iGEM platform gave me one such opportunity to excel and know different face of lifesciences.

Chander Shekhar-’ Bulbasaur’

I’m ‘Balbasaur’ of my team. I have been the member of the wiki designing team. Like bulbasaur I am go-get-it-done member of my team. Through iGEM, I alongwith my fellow wiki mate have learnt new faces of synthetic biology and IT forms an integral part of it all.

Mrugank Dake (Advisor):

Currently in my final year of Masters’, I was a part of the first iGEM Team from IISER Tirupati in 2019. I served as a team leader, and was an active member of wet lab with some contributions to the modelling. In the initial days, I was a major contributor in the idea development and team formation. The project was recognized by iGEM with a Gold Medal at Giant Jamboree 2019.

As an advisor/mentor for the team MRIIRS_Faridabad iGEM 2020, I have played a role of troubleshooter for modelling and wetlab. I have also shared my experience from iGEM 2019 to help the new team set and design their goals and timelines.

Special Note of Thanks:

From the time of inception of our team in December 2019 and the well planted idea of participating in iGEM 2020, we approached ex-iGEM applicants. Mrugank has been with us since then and helped us in numerous ways. Being a former Team Leader himself, he mentored us and valuable insights from technical stuff to non-technical buffs. Our team shall be forever grateful.

Helping Hands:

During the entire course of iGEM; a lot generous souls helped us in shaping our project.

  1. Dr. Deepak Kumar

  2. Dr. Deepak Kumar, professor of mathematics at the Department of Applied Science at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies. He has Ph.D. in mathematics and M.Sc. in mathematics with computer science. His research interests are focused on mathematical modeling and Biomathematics. For our igem team Dr. Deepak Kumar helped us with mathematical modeling. He is very perceptive, which helped us in troubleshooting and understanding various concepts of mathematical modeling. Also he helped us find the solution of our derived equations and got us to a position where we can explain our designed mathematical model.

  3. Dr. Siddharth Manvati

  4. Dr. Siddharth Manvati holds MS degree in Molecular and Human Genetics from Jiwaji University and received his PhD in Biotechnology from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, India. Currently he works as a Research Scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He is the Co-founder of ClearMeat, India's first lab-grown meat company.

    Dr. Manvati's guidance has been a boon for our Technical Team members. We are grateful to him for helping us through in our technical framework.

  5. Dr. Nandula Raghuram

  6. Dr. Nandula Raghuram, currently Chairperson, Professor and Former Dean, School of Biotechnology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi.

  7. Dr. J. S Dheer

  8. State Programme Officer. Drug Control Department, Govt. of Delhi.

  9. Dr. MC Gupta, Senior Scientist, Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

  10. We presented our project in front of him. He also agreed with our project and told us Nitrosamines are really a problem for mankind. He appreciated us a lot and said this project should be taken forward to solve this problem.

  11. Tarun, Robin Hood Army.

  12. Dr. MC Gupta belongs to the community of scientists in the field of agriculture. As many crops like spinach also absorb nitrosamines from water at the time of irrigation and being a one of the main staple crops, this problem should be solved, according to him. His words really mean a lot for us.

    For Human Practices, we want to spread awareness not only in kids who are pursuing education, but also to the kids who are not getting the opportunity to take education. For this purpose, we met Tarun, one of the members of Robin Hood Army, a non - government organization. With his help, we teach a lot of children from the slum area. Kids were really amazing and thrilled to know about various facts of Science.

  13. Ashutosh Kaushik, Director, Treatment & Quality Control

  14. Formation of Nitrosamines in chlorinated water as a by-product motivated us to meet Ashutosh Kaushik, who is the Director of Treatment & Quality Control, Delhi Jal Board. He really wants the project to be in the market so that Nitrosamines from the various treatment plants in Delhi can be removed. He wants us to work on this project further for its success

  15. Nitin Tanwar, Junior Engineer

  16. We got an opportunity to meet Mr. Nitin Tanwar who is Junior Engineer in Delhi Jal Board during human practices very initially. He guided us in meeting various persons in Delhi Jal Board.

  17. Ashish, Junior Engineer

  18. During our visit to water treatment, we met Mr. Ashish who is a Junior Engineer. He described us the entire process of water treatment from initial to end. He explains us the entire chlorination process and how it takes up to the formation of Nitrosamines.

  19. Sarita Nagpal, Principal of Manav Rachna

  20. Mrs. Sarita Nagpal, Principal of Manav Rachna International School cooperated with us to organize a webinar for various classes.