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Team Tiago Madalena Beatriz Isabel Daniela Joana Carolina João Fabiana

A special thank you to:

  • Principal investigators - Sofia Ferreira and Isabel Rocha
    For the scientific counselling, guidance and availability to answer all our questions and discuss the work week after week. Thank you for the knowledge you passed on to us. We also thank Sofia for helping to manage the team and the project.

  • Wiki support - Mariana Valério and André Fonseca
    For the support provided in programming the wiki. We could not have done it without you. For Mariana, we would also like to express our gratitude for the support in the promotional video.

  • Dry Lab support - Ana Alão Freitas, André Fonseca and Isabel Rocha
    For the support and patience given in the creation of the Pseudomonas putida model and the optimizations in Optflux.

  • Wet Lab support - Carolina Gonçalves and Sofia Ferreira
    For answering all our questions, helping with the logistics and for constantly double checking our work to make sure our experiments go according to plan.

  • Science Communication and Human Practices - Rita Hasse Ferreira
    Our most sincere thanks to Rita for the commitment and effort she put into everything she did for our team. From presentation coaching to moderating scientific events to communicating with stakeholders, all teams should have a Rita!

isabel rocha
Isabel Rocha
sofia ferreira
Sofia Ferreira
andre fonseca
André Fonseca
rita hasse ferreira
Rita Hasse Ferreira
mariana valerio
Mariana Valério
ana alao
Ana Alão Freitas
carolina gonçalves
Carolina Gonçalves