The Revengers to Pathogenic Bacteria
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We got this inspiration from our daily life. We have encountered the situation of tearing open adhesive bandage but the wound is festering. In order not to let more people suffer such a situation, we intend to take revenge on pathogenic bacteria. Since antibiotics have significant side effects, we chose to use AMP to kill them. We are the revengers to pathogenic bacteria.

We used three components to build our adhesive bandage. AMP is the bactericidal substance we used. PHA is an environmentally friendly carrier of adhesive bandage. And PhaP combines the two organically.

Our large amount of experimental data supporting our project was really feasible —— our new part PhaP-HD5 and PhaP HD5d5 has antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus (strain RN4220), the PhaP HD5d5 expressed by E.coli BL21 can connect to PHA material. Besides, we made a product already.

We constructed the expression model of PhaP-AMP to explore the best expression method of PhaP-AMP. And we simulated the antibacterial effect of antimicrobial peptide to show its antibacterial activity.

As an important part, human practice makes our project much more complete and help us test the practicality of our project, and it makes our product perfect and benefits the whole world.