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There are several groups in our team and each group is responsible for a particular area. Our team leader, Alisa, is responsible for organizing and managing the activities of the groups.

We have a wet lab team led by Chloe. During the closure of the lab due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this group worked on some promotional material for the general public, including some articles published in the local newspaper about some information about viruses and the testing methodology. We also developed some testing setup in our wet lab, such as the frame for the burn test of fabric soaked with our proteins when we did not have access to the wet lab.

The outreach team is led by Linda, which organized some talks to primary and junior secondary students about iGEM and our project, as well as a booth game to deliver basic information about DNA and genes to primary school students. We also made some visits to local facilities such as the Fire Service, and standard test lab and hotel about the fire retardant building and furniture material.

This year we have produced some video clips, including team self-introduction, project introduction, as well as a presentation video. These activities are the efforts of our media team, which is led by Victoria and Lok.

Our team wiki page is prepared by Jeremy and his group members. We are not quite familiar with the development web page, this team had a steep learning curve with the support from one of our instructors.

We also have the support from our school alumni, as well as the academic support from the University of Macau.


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