We are hosting an educational event at Affiliated with Fukuoka University Wakaba High School in November. At first we intended to talk to science club students but it has now opened to the whole school so it was postponed to next month due to the considerable amount of time needed to process.

By designing and constructing new or altered biological systems such as genetic circuits, metabolic pathways and cells, synthetic biology has the potential to solve various problems in the real world. However, there are not so many articles and textbooks written in Japanese since it is an emerging field of biology, thus making it hard for Japanese students. So, we believe that taking about our project - what is the problem and how we will solve it - will provide them an opportunity to learn about synthetic biology.

What makes synthetic biology possible is that molecular biology, genetic engineering, microbiology and other fundamental biologies and basic technologies, we will be also talking about microorganisms, PCR, and recombinant technology.

Through the event, we hope to foster the interest in synthetic biology of high school students.