We collaborated with Waseda team on the modeling part of our project. Their feedback greatly helped us create a better model.

Why did we decide to do this collaboration?

Waseda team is working on cell-free systems and excels at developing mathematical models. As an important aspect in completing the engineering cycle of synthetic biology, we wanted to model our project, but it was hard for us because no one is experienced. Waseda team showed us example models and gave us insights on how to develop a model.

What did we learn from this collaboration?

Through this collaboration, our model became stronger and qualitative data obtained from the model was useful when designing our experiments. We also had a better understanding on the project of Waseda team. It was a good experience to collaborate with the team.



We translated a children’s book written by the UCopenhagen 2020 team into Japanese. It is about the routine procedures of synthetic biology, and is intended to educate children to be more interested and open when they will be learning about science later in life.


Japan Spring Meetup

We attended the Japan Spring Meetup hosted by Botchan Lab team. It was the first time participating in an iGEM meetup and we were inspired by other teams.


Japan Summer Meetup

We joined the Japan Summer Meetup hosted by Waseda team. In the meetup, team PIs and other experts are invited. We delivered a presentation and received great feedback from the participants, which helped us shape our project. It was a nice opportunity to interact with other teams and check our progress.