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Sherlock In the Fridge


Efficient detection of Listeria monocytogenes by means of a Cas12a-crRNA complex and ssDNA



Food is usually stored in the fridge to keep it as fresh as possible and far from the contamination of bacteria. However, a species of poorly known bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes, is able to endure cold conditions, and causes serious health risks such as fever, diarrhea, miscarriage, and even death. Unfortunately, as we learned from browsing related articles, field research, and surveys, modern detection methods are all very costly and time-consuming. So, we aim to create a biological kit, made out of crRNA, Cas12a, ssDNA, that allows for efficient detection of L. monocytogenes. crRNA and Cas12a will form a complex, and when crRNA binds to the oligo sequences that model the DNA of L. monocytogenes, it will activate the Cas12a protein, thus causing Cas12a to cut the surrounding ssDNA which produces visible fluorescence. Ultimately, our kit is able to produce a fluorescence after 10 minutes of exposure to oligo sequences.





Who we are

We are a group of ten students from Shanghai High School International Division, drawn together by our passion for biology, chemistry, and to create a lasting impact on our community. Spending months in the field and inside labs to design and do our experiment and research, we feel the experience as a whole was truly remarkable and eye-opening. The following are our lovely team members and a few words of wisdom they would like to share.

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