Our team is actively involved in collaborations with other teams. Due to the positive atmosphere in iGEM community, we build good relationships with other teams.

With SHSSIP-China (2019 iGEM)

As the predecessor of our team this year, some team members still choose to join our team this year as the role of adviser (JingYi Sun) or core members (YingJie Lei; Brandon Kong). Other members also give us useful advice on human practice and experiment on our project even though they did not join the competition this year and some of them are now undergraduate students with biology for their major. iGEM one day, iGEM forever!

Discuss our project with TPR-China

TPR-China and our team share a same target--to control the outbreak of locust. We have started to have online meetings with them since we confirmed our project. We also participant in the interview with Academician KangLe.

Help testing the product from OSA

We help the OSA team do double blind tests on their product for heavy mental testing. Our team members helped prepare samples in different concentrations and give them to test their product.

Borrow egfp plasmid from XJTU-China

We borrowed a plasmid with sfGFP plasmid from XJTU-China team, they transform it into ecoli BL21 and sent it to us. We used it in our test for the UV switch as a positive control.

Share a lab with Shanghai_SFLS_SPBS and OSA

We shared a laboratory with Shanghai_SFLS_SPBS (Modu) and OSA in Shanghai, collaborating in many aspects and emulating from one another.

Owing to the fact that we are using the same laboratory, a lot of types of equipment are public, the time of using them has become a problem. Members from the Modu team created a schedule to avoid conflicts when using them, and members from SZ-SHD posted some recipes of buffers on public regions.

Compared with other groups, our members have relatively more laboratorian experience. Yingjie provided some fundamental experimental procedures and skills suggestions on protein electrophoresis, such as sample loading skills and time for electrophoresis. Nevertheless, Modu generously shared a recombined E. coli strain expressing sfGFP with us, which have been used to caliberate the fluorescence as a comparison group in the investigation of SulAp and pBAD.
Working with them is an excellent experience. Improving ourselves from each other makes us become bosom friends.

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