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TPR-China is an active, collaborative team in the iGEM community in China. We share our resources and ideas aiming to create positive impacts on other iGEM teams we collaborated with.


We had finished a survey with SZ-SHD. The survey was targeting the farmers in the south of China, in order to get information about which kind of pesticide would the farmer choose. The result indicates that most of the farmers prefer to use the pesticides with lower cost and better results. However, less of them prefer the pesticide with less remaining.This provides significant insights to our modeling part of the project.
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We shared a sensor report (xyls-report) with RDFZ-China and exchanged ideas on sensor buildup and pathway design. We two teams conducted experiment in the same lab, and we offered help to each other during experiments. We also gave suggestions to the other team about the experiences on building wiki and writing safety form.
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During our laboratory experiment, we had shared the lab together. By sharing the lab, both of the team members had help each other out in daily laboratory experiments, e.g. help to spot the mistake that causes the test failed, help to enhance the reliability of the test result, shared lab equipment and consumable materials while others in need……
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