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Shinescreen: A Novel,Entirely Reef-Safe Probiotic Sunscreen.


iGEM Team Members

Name Attribution
Megan Fletcher Headed the graphic design division to support the promotional funding video and wiki page. Assisted progress in wet lab protocol and gene circuit design alongside modelling and market research campaign.
Poli Foteva Led the online synthetic biology forum and was involved in reef conservation case study and twitter sentiment analysis towards GMO. Assisted with the environmental modelling and contributed heavily to the funding campaign.
Caïus Gibeily Headed the modelling division and guided success of a full-proof gene circuit system. Supervised design and implementation of both logo and app projects and assisted with development of funding applications.
Isobel Guthrie Governed app development and the evolutionary mutation model, focusing on the integrity of our gene circuit. Assisted with design of the logo, organising meetups, market research and the promotional funding video.
Yaxuan Kong Led the twitter-sentiment analysis towards GMO, reef conservation case study and team collaboration with iGEM teams in China. Assisted progress with the environmental/evolutionary mutation models and the app project.
Issac Johann Li Led the architecture and design of the team’s Wiki page, ironing out associated bugs and issues. Assisted in the HTML links required for the reef conservation case study questionnaire.
Soo Bynn Lee Headed the social media campaign, promoted funding opportunities and facilitated the formation of important collaborations. Supported reef conservation case study.
Bradley McCallion Fostered advances in both macroscopic and environmental modelling paths, headed our entrepreneurship campaign and assisted development of the logo design, wiki/social pages and funding applications.
Anneleen de Ruiter Led the general human practice projects and business development strategy, focussing on collaborations, meetups, funding opportunities and entrepreneurship campaign.
Laurence Seeley Conducted implementation/optimisation of the gene circuit for further micro/macroscopic and evolutionary mutation simulation. Led safety form discussion and assisted in collaborations, the app project and funding opportunities.

Faculty Attribution

Name Attribution
Dr. V Anne Smith
(Senior Lecturer at the School of Biology)
Helped select students and form the structure of the 2020 St Andrews iGEM team. Provided general support. Assisted our funding opportunities and applications. Supported and gave advice about next steps for our entrepreneurial campaign.
Dr. Chris Hooley
(Senior Lecturer at the School of Physics and Astronomy)
As PI, Chris has provided more than just general project support and advice. The St Andrews iGEM team 2020 has received indispensable modelling and computing expertise greatly encouraging the progress of the project. From start to finish, various models have been greatly improved and revised following detailed feedback/discussion, crucial in order to pursue modelling gold medal criterion. Provided invaluable advice on team presentation.
Dr. Paula Miles
(Director of Teaching & Senior Lecturer at the School of Psychology and Neuroscience)
Helped make the ethical approval process required for reef conservation case study as part of human practice project and provided invaluable suggestions for the questionnaire.
Dr Nikolaos Sfakianakis
(Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the School of Mathematics and Statistics)
Provided excellent advice and clear project workflow with respect to the macroscopic modelling division. Offered a pre-existing model structure to base our system off.

Student Advisors Attribution

Name Attribution
James Hammond
(the 2018 & 2019 St Andrews iGEM Team Member)
Helped select students and form the structure of the 2020 St Andrews iGEM team. Provided invaluable advice from project start to finish, from general idea generation to more specific modelling and gene circuit development.
Eleonora Shantsila
(the 2018 & 2019 St Andrews iGEM Team Member)
Helped select students and form the structure of the 2020 St Andrews iGEM team. Provided invaluable advice from project start to finish, from general fundraising help to more specific wiki implementation, human practices opportunities and outreach education.
Zsolt Semperger
(the 2019 St Andrews iGEM Team Member)
Helped select students and form the structure of the 2020 St Andrews iGEM team. Provided useful inspiration at the initial stages of the project as to what direction we were to eventually follow.


Name Attribution
Hainan China iGEM 2020 Obtained preliminary lab data on the effect of potential environmentally friendly sunscreen gel medias on coral polyps as an alternative to pre-existing harmful sunscreen lotion chassis.


We would like to thank all the people and organizations who gave us useful project feedback:

Dr. Nicola Allison (Senior Lecturer at the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews)

Coral Guardian Non-profit

Professor Les Firbank (Professor in Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Leeds)

Dr. Helder Ferreira (Lecturer at the School of Biology at the University of St Andrews)

Dr. Sebastian Hennige (Lecturer in Marine Sciences at the University of Edinburgh)

Stephen McCallion (Managing Director at ZLX LTD)

People4Ocean Sun Care

Thomas Storey (2019 St Andrews iGEM team member)

Dr. Alice Tagliati (Environmental Risk Assessor)

Will Wright (Director of Entrepreneurship at iGEM Foundation)

(ordered by surname alphabetical order)

It is with regret that our institution currently doesn’t provide an iGEM or synthetic biology course. We created our slack channel to start our brainstorming on 18th of January 2020. We officially started our project on 25th of May 2020. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get access to the lab this year due to COVID-19. Therefore, we mainly focus on computational parts and human practices this year. Despite the extremely challenging situation, Hainan China 2020 iGEM team provided invaluable lab support for us in late August. Thanks again for all people and organizations involved in helping make our team successful!

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