Team:Stony Brook/Attributions

Team:Stony_Brook/Attributions -

Stony Brook iGEM would like to thank the following groups/individuals for their support and expertise. Without their help, our project might've never come to fruition

Team Members

Our team has done tremendous work over the course of the summer to make LightSwitch what it is today.

  • Laiba Ahmed (Team Leader) - Research, Outreach, and Web Development
  • AJ Sillato (Team Leader) - Research and Model
  • Adit Anand (Web Development Subteam Leader) - Web Development
  • Alexis Choi (Research Subteam Leader) - Research and Outreach
  • Aneeqa Majid (Outreach Subteam Leader) - Outreach and Web Development
  • Justin Beutel (Modeling Subteam Leader) - Modeling and Web Development
  • Yashasvi Bajaj - Outreach
  • Abhishek Cherath - Model
  • Simi Kaur - Research
  • Aaliyah Kaushal - Outreach
  • Maheen Khan- Outreach
  • Melissa King- Research and Outreach
  • Chiu Yin Lee- Web Development
  • Julia Petreczky - Research and Outreach


Our project advisors: Dr. J. Peter Gergen, Dr. Gabor Balazsi, Dr. Steven Glynn, and Dr. Joshua Rest for their expertise and help with almost every aspect of our project, from wet lab protocols to modeling support.

J. Peter Gergen

Gabor Balázsi

Steven Glynn

Joshua Rest

iGEM Reading Course

Members from previous Stony Brook iGEM Teams were teaching assistants (TAs) for our spring reading course about iGEM. Not only did they gave us a brief introduction to synthetic biology, but they also gave insights and tips during on our construct and experimental design. We would like to thank our TAs for sparring their time to help us succeed in iGEM.

Research Support and Professional Advice

We would like to thank the following individuals for their valuable advice and insights regarding our projects:

Kate Creasey

President & Founder of Grow More Foundation

Dr. Creasey provided us with a couple of wise words regarding the potential of synthetic biology playing a bigger role in agriculture. Furthermore, she provided us with valuable insights on the particular plants to aim our projects at and pointed us to look at the UVR8-COP1 system for our project.

Robert M. Hughes

Assistant Professor at East Carolina University

Dr. Hughes provided us his expertise and insights on Bax in an optogenetic system. He also gave us many potential factors to model.

Vladislav Verkhusha

Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Verkhusha enlightened us on the intricacies of the BphP1-PpsR2 optogenetic system and revealed that the BphB1 system was not a feasible option for our project.