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Our iGEM team communicates primarily through an application known as Discord which allows users to implement bots, programs that allow users in a server to maximize productivity, obtain data, moderate conversations, or whatever the users would like! Our team member, Justin, established a python-based Discord bot that allows its users to do a myriad of fundamental biological analyses and tasks.


BagelBot is a Discord bot for DNA and parsing tools. Discord is a chat software similar to Slack, but with screen share and voice chat capability.

To date, BagelBot is capable of the following:

  • Telling us rudimentary data about our FASTA file
  • Determining the percentage of GC content in a DNA strand
  • Pair-Alignment
  • Make a phylogenetic tree based on a downloaded file and Pair-Alignment
  • Find reverse complement of a DNA strand
  • Find the complementary strand of a DNA strand
  • Print RNA and DNA standard codon tables
  • Download files from Discord
  • Error reporting to improve user experience
  • Mathematical calculations such as exponents and logarithmic functions
  • Calculation of standard deviation, chi-squared, and permutation & combination functions
  • BLAST a DNA sequence and providing name, alignment, and E-values

Translation and Transcription

BagelBot can take in sequences to be translated or transcribed!

Math Functionality

With the help of Numpy, BagelBot can handle standard math logs and exponentials, even a system of equations solver using Cramer’s rule. Besides that, it can do mole ratios, permutations, and calculate the IHD of molecules.

Bagel IDE

With the special $run event, users can create their own code within an interactive shell.

Future Goals

BagelBot’s capabilities are constantly being improved with hopes to make it live and allow future iGEM teams to make use of its many functions! Users can download their own files and have dedicated folders, which allows BagelBot to be multifaceted!