Team Members

Alicia Rodríguez Molina

Wetlab Manager & Graphic Designer

Hey everyone! My name is Alicia and I am responsible for everything related to the wet lab experiments as well as the overall layout of our team, as I am this year's Wet lab and Graphic Design Manager. I am a first-year MSc Life Science and Technology student, after having finished my BSc in Biotechnology in my hometown: Barcelona. I think that iGEM offers a great opportunity to participate in a society-oriented, synthetic biology project, as well as learn many diverse skills. When I am not busy with iGEM, I hang out with friends in the city and enjoy the (not so frequent) good weather, as well as going biking a bit!


Eline Doornenbal

Human Practices Manager & Entrepreneur

Hi! My name is Eline Doornenbal and I am in my second year of the double master's degree in Life Science & Technology and Management of Technology. I grew up in a village called Maarssen and moved to the city of Leiden for my studies a few years ago. iGEM offers me an amazing opportunity to explore and appreciate the wide applicability of synthetic biology. It also enables me to use my creativity, knowledge and skills to engineer complex living systems to solve a real-world, societal problem. This year, I am responsible for Human Practices and Entrepreneurship together with Willem. When I'm not working on iGEM, I love to go outside for a long walk or to cook extensively.

Fiona Horne

Strategy Manager

Hi! I am Fiona Horne, the only member not studying Life Science and Technology. I started out with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Applied Physics but, being interested in biophysics and synthetic biology, I decided to follow courses in Biology in Leiden and ended up pursuing the master Nanobiology here in Delft. My interdisciplinary mindset and affinity with strategizing and goal setting have led me to become the team’s strategy manager. I enjoy working closely with the team to help keep tabs on our goals and make sure we aim to win this year’s Grand Prize. In my free time, you can find me exploring new subjects, learning Spanish, lifting weights or doing Pilates. I also love to hike when the sun is out.


Gabriela van Leersum

PR & Outreach Manager

Hi! I'm Gabriela van Leersum, a half Colombian goofball that is very excited to be a member of TU Delft's iGEM team. Having rounded off my bachelor's degree in Life Sciences and Technology, I decided to continue with my master's degree in the same field. But with an extra challenge: Outreach Management and PR within iGEM. I love the field of synthetic biology, and to be able to combine that with some healthy competition and worldly diplomacy really gets me going. If I'm not behind my laptop during ZOOM meetings or stalking other iGEM teams on Instagram, you can find me outside taking long walks or on my road bike when it is sunny.

Iris Forkink

Science Manager & Safety Manager

Hi! My name is Iris Forkink. I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Life Science and Technology and will be this year’s Science & Safety manager. Within this role, I will ensure that everything we do in both the wet and dry lab will come together to form our project. In addition, I will make sure that all safety measures are in place and followed to make this project go as safe and smooth as possible. I decided to compete in iGEM as I am very enthusiastic about synthetic biology and all the possibilities it has to offer. When I'm not scrolling through the internet for iGEM inspiration or on Zoom, I like to go outside for a run.


Javier Navarro

Molecular Design Manager

Hi! I am Javier Navarro Delgado, a Spanish student following the Life Science and Technology master at TU Delft. I was born in Irun, Spain, a small city bordering France. After completing high school in Madrid, I moved to Barcelona for my bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. I came to the Netherlands already knowing that I wanted to participate in iGEM to collaborate with colleagues in a biotech challenge. As I have always been passionate about science, the opportunity and freedom in managing a whole experimental set-up in a team is exciting! That is why I will be working closely with the Dry and Wet lab managers as this year’s Molecular Design Manager. You can find me in the lab, in the office or somewhere in the sea.

Maartje Spaans

Wiki Manager

Hi! I'm Maartje, I'm a first year MSc Life Science and Technology student. I grew up in this little farmers’ town in the middle of the Alblasserwaard polder and moved to 'the big city' of Leiden on my 18th birthday. I'm fascinated by the countless possibilities within synthetic biology and am really excited about what we as a team will contribute to this field. This year, I am responsible for the website and the Wiki that you are currently looking at. The precious time that I don't spend behind the screen or diving into science with my teammates, I like to spend playing the (bass)clarinet in an ensemble or going for a long walk in the sun with a nice podcast in the background.


Nick Bowring

Team Manager

Hi Everyone! My name is Nick Bowring and I am looking forward to having the chance to dive deeper into the world of synthetic biology. I believe in the potential for technology to have lasting positive effects and grasping the opportunity to compete in iGEM. I will be contributing to the team as Team Manager. My role involves ensuring a positive and focused mindset to deliver a successful outcome for the team and TU Delft. I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Life Sciences and Technology from the TU Delft. Cooking has always played a big part of my life and I see it as a unique chance to get to know other cultures. In addition, I love playing all types of sports and will always grab an opportunity to get some fresh air and go for a run.

Ramon van Valderen

Drylab Manager

Hi there! I am Ramon van Valderen, this year’s Dry lab Manager. At present, I am in my first year of the MSc Life Science and Technology. I was born in Leiderdorp and currently live in the beautiful city centre of Delft. Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by science. To be able to compete in iGEM with great team members, tackling a real life problem through science, excites me! I am very curious to what we will achieve this year. When I am not working on iGEM, you can probably find me behind my piano free-styling classical/pop music or behind my computer doing fun computer stuff.


Shikha Sebastian

Finance Manager

Hey there! I am Shikha Sebastian, a first-year student of the Life Science and Technology master at TU Delft. My roots lie in Kerala - a culturally rich and rainy state in the south of India. For my bachelor’s degree, I studied genetics. In 2018, I was a research assistant in a biomedical engineering lab at the Harvard Medical School for a year. I believe that taking part in the iGEM competition is a dream for every aspiring molecular biologist like myself. As the child of two financial advisors, I’m very excited to be the Finance and Acquisition Manager of the team.

Willem van Holthe

Human Practices Manager & Entrepreneur

I'm Willem van Holthe, a 22 year old, first year MSc Life Science & Technology student. I grew up in Leiden but moved to Delft when I started my studies. So ask me which city is the best! For me, being part of the iGEM team grants me the opportunity to apply all the knowledge I have acquired during my studies to a real world problem. As students, deciding how we are going to tackle a problem gives us a unique sense of independence and responsibility. A topic I am very fond of. I will therefore spend a lot of time giving the Human Practices side of iGEM more shape, together with Eline. If I am not attending our eternal Zoom sessions, I am dreaming of playing hockey and golf.




Timon Idema
Associate Professor

Christophe Danelon
Associate Professor

Ana Restrepo Sierra
PhD Candidate

Britte Bouchaut
PhD Candidate

Charlotte Koster
PhD Candidate

Elisa Godino
PhD Candidate

Esengül Yildirim

Martin Holub
PhD Candidate