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The Main Characters

Here we want to give an insight into who was behind it all and which people have given us indispensable help in the last months. With every fruitful discussion, good advice or critical questioning they contributed to the success of this project. A big THANK YOU to all those who stood by us, helped us and believed in us. All contributions have helped us tremendously and last but not least have brought our project forward. Thank you for assisting us throughout the project, without you all of this would not have been possible.
Lea Vogt (a.k.a. Megamind) - She contributed many hours to wet lab work. Her meticulousness was often exploited to prevent chaos, both in the lab and to keep deadlines. Additionally, she took great care of our finances and attracted many sponsors who supported us with the materials and services needed to keep our project going during these tough times. All necessary articles were ordered by her, so without that, no wet lab work could have happened.
Andreas Enkerlin (a.k.a. Gibson Soldier) - The whole team is incredibly thankful that Andreas joined the team in late July, because from that moment the answer to every wet lab question was “Ask Andreas”. Our own in-house expert in cloning, he helped enormously to optimize our PCRs and get those Gibson Assemblies done. Always has a plan B ;). There was no better person to play our Gibson Soldier (check out our team’s promo video to watch him in action) because if someone knows our fight in the Wetlab, it's him.
Aarón Refisch (a.k.a El Eyron) - He started executing his vision, while being trapped in Chile, coordinating our team meetings and managing our social media with some funny ideas and customs. Later on, he organized several classes about synthetic biology combining Spanish, English and German with school students from Chile and designed a theory-practical course at Experimenta. Once he made it back to Tuebingen, he worked a lot of hours in the laboratory. But, here is when his creativity exploded, when he wrote, filmed, played and edited our videos or helped in writing an article about COVID 19. Through the year he has been our contact person for several finished and ongoing collaborations and knowledge exchanges.
Isabel (a.k.a. Lady Primer) - She always had some time left for a last minute primer design or project pitch in front of possible sponsors. Worth mentioning is also her good mood and positive vibes which is a good fit for every laboratory session and our otherwise virtual meetings.
Florian Vögele (a.k.a. The Young Prodigy) - He spent a lot of time in the laboratory and progressed the project through his work and efforts there. Even though he started in the team with less practical laboratory experience, he learned a lot along the way about laboratory practices and in the end could perform them independently. He is the Exhibit-A for the popular catchphrase ‘Learning by doing’.
David Kessler (a.k.a. The Kingpin) - He not only came up with our wet lab project idea and worked a lot in the laboratory to make things happen, but he also kept us motivated with organizing regular team building events. This was crucial for our fantastic iGEM experience, because getting to know each other well, helped with productive teamwork and the lively exchange with other team members was an enriching experience. Additionally, he is our Doodle champion, whenever dates need to be fixed.
Benedikt Jäger (a.k.a. The Nano Duke) - Even though only joining the team in June, he was involved in wet-lab work from the start. He was essential for the team in helping with logistics, shuttling all the needed materials between the two laboratories that we worked in. He also held a class for Chile high-school about Nano-science and its link to synthetic biology.
Katja Sievert (a.k.a. The Scien-guist (Science Linguist)) - She helped whenever something had to be written or translated in English, either by doing it herself or proofreading afterwards. Her style and language skills are impressive and make everything sound professional. Additionally, she was involved in Human practice, where she conducted interviews and held an online class for a high school in Chile.
Luiselotte Rausch (a.k.a. Ms. Jill of All trades) - She was part of the Wet lab team especially in the late stage of the project (including weekends). She was responsible for several aspects of financing, where she helped in acquiring sponsors by presenting a project pitch and the finance plan. Additionally she was greatly involved in writing, acting and editing of our team’s videos.
Sophia Gaupp (a.k.a. The Sci-Collaborator) - She was involved in human practices and took responsibility for our partnership with the Experimenta. She took care of our social media presence, for example by introducing all of our team members. Additionally, she led the cooperation with team Stuttgart and also dipped her toes at times in the Finance section.
Anirudh Natarajan (a.k.a. The Experimentalist) - The Last Man standing when working in the laboratory on the weekends. Moreover, he was a necessary member of the Finance team, sweet talking companies to sponsor us and at times, getting us some goodies. Our Go-to guy when some serious wet lab-shopping needs to be done, even on short notice. He knows how to get things done at the last minute and ensures everything ends up happening in a seamless fashion.
Elias (a.k.a Mr. Gene Ruler) - Besides having an impressive acting career and being part-time latino for the Chile-class, he is responsible for the drylab, website and the wikimedia-page. He planned and executed molecular dynamic simulations and evaluated several public services to receive appropriate structures for our phytochelatin and riboswitch. Additionally, he was involved in the collaboration with Waterloo.
Elisabeth Schneider (a.k.a. The Drylab Connoisseur) - She greatly contributed to Bioinformatics related problem solving as well as project planning and modelling in the drylab. Additionally, she was working in our partnership with the Experimenta and Waterloo.


Lina Widerspick (a.k.a. Wetlab Fairy Godmother) - She was incredibly helpful regarding everything related to the wet lab. Since Lina has great wet lab experience, she always knew what to do when something did not go according to plan. She was the one to ask when it came to planning a wet lab experiment or troubleshooting. Also, all Wiki texts had to pass her quality control process.
Lukas Heumos (a.k.a. The Drylab Guru) - He was a great support especially considering the drylab project design. Due to his previous iGEM experience, he knew what we should keep in mind and what possibly can go wrong. He was always happy to lend a helping hand and was there for us when we were unsure about something.
Famke Bäuerle (a.k.a. The Organizer) - The person who we turned to when we had questions on how to deal with some financial issues. She set up our organizational tools to give us a good start using her knowledge from last year. Famke added to our drylab discussions when something came up. Without her last-minute wiki editing skills we would never have finished this masterpiece.


Lucas Mühling - He took over when we needed someone to guide us urgently. He always thought about the ‘what ifs’ and had good advice when it came to wet lab planning.
Patrick Schweizer- His experience and comprehension of synthetic biology was very beneficial to get our project started. He constantly encouraged us to think outside the box when we were trying to find the right project. Due to his multifaceted experience he helped us to get an understanding for what would lie ahead of us.

Primary PI

Prof. Dr. Largus T. Angenent - He is leading the Environmental Biotechnology Group in the Center for Applied Geosciences (ZAG) at the University of Tübingen. He and the whole Env. Biotech. Group are very invested in the success of our iGEM Team. Thus, they not only provided us with the organisational support of being our supervisors, but also pitched in when we were in desperate need of an enzyme or chemical. For this, we are very grateful.

Secondary PI

Dr. Bastian Molitor - His deep understanding of synthetic biology was extremely valuable during our project development. We are very grateful for his support.

Partner Institutions

Due to the emergent situation and regulations with COVID-19, this year's search for a Wet lab space was a rollercoaster ride. The team pursued a journey of hunting for labs that could take us in at these tough times. We could not be more grateful to AG Böckler and AG Wizenmann for letting us work in their laboratories. Special thanks to Susanne Hennig and Marcel Dammann from AG Böckler for their help in all questions that arose on site. We are also grateful to Andi and Uli from AG Wizenmann for giving us the opportunity to work efficiently whenever we want, even during these difficult times and for their support on every issue that came up.

We would like to thank the department of Environmental Biotechnology for their support and for answering all questions we had.

Project Advice

Huge thank you to Dr. Thomas Riedel, whose paper “Temperature-associated changes in groundwater quality” inspired us to not only choose a project, which is related to environmental problems, but also pointed out the importance of good water quality management. We also want to thank him for the time and commitment he put in the interview we had, where he added further context to our work and also gave us some outlook shaping our project and taking it to a whole new level.
We also want to thank Dr. Philipp Thiel, not only for providing the much needed access to compute power via the University servers, but especially for helping us define the scope and direction of our drylab project and offering expertise on tools and their usage.
We want to thank Team Stuttgart and Team Waterloo for a successful collaboration and all your valuable inputs. It was great to get to know you!
Thank you Team Peru for reaching out to us and introducing us to your interesting field of work.
It was a pleasure to collaborate with Team Edinburgh on their biosensor manual. Thank you for this opportunity.
Thanks to MSP-Maastricht, who set up a journal initiative this year. This gave us, and many other teams, the opportunity to write articles for the proceedings and muggle journal. This also included being part of the review process and consequently the involved students gained invaluable experience in publishing, reviewing, and editing.

Interview Partners

Despite being very busy coordinating and investigating the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Prof. Dr. Kremsner gave us some minutes of his precious time and answered all our questions about the virus, the present situation and about the current state of the most promising vaccine studies. From his interview two articles were born for MSP-Maastricht’s journal initiative.
We would like to thank all of our Interviewee Partners for our mini Corona series on instagram: Spedition Brucker, Christina Sievert (pharmacist) Nicole B., Andrea E. Thank you for your openness about this new and challenging situation.


Many thanks to Moritz Weinhändler for introducing us to the fine art of editing a video. It has been a great help to get us started on our promo and presentation videos.
We want to thank the Innovation Center for giving us a great introduction into company formation, patent law and much more.
Thanks to the local radio station Neckaralb Live in Reutlingen, who gave us the opportunity to introduce our project in a short report to the general public.
All figures on our wiki which are not images of gels or photos have been created with Biorender.