Team:UC Davis/Parts


  • Due to a lack of lab access, our parts are simply conceptual. However, we have taken safety into account with every step of our experimental design and made sure it aligned with the standards laid out by a bioethicist. these parts are based on peer reviewed papers in which they were used to conduct similar experimental protocols. These parts meet the assembly standards for Type IIS (RFC1000).
Part Number Part Name Type Description Length
BBa_K3669003 gpdA3B box Regulatory gpdA3B contains three copies of the gpdA box, which was discovered that when removed transcription was significantly decreased. Therefore there is strong evidence that it is the minimal promoter. Three copies of the gpdA box gave the highest levels of transcription, much higher than the original single copy. 171bp
BBa_K3669004 amdS selectable marker CDS amdS is a dominant selective gene marker. Gene allows organism to use acetamide as a carbon/nitrogen source for resource acquisition. Can be used in conjunction with acetamide selective media. 1647bp
BBa_K3669005 Pcox4 promoter Regulatory Pcox4 constitutive promoter is comparable to gpdA in strength, good option for high expression. 1500bp
BBa_K3669006 Pmin minimal gpdA promoter Regulatory This DNA sequence encodes the 175 bp minimal gpdA promoter from Aspergillus nidulans. 175bp
BBa_K3669007 TcgrA Terminator Terminator Terminator on plasmid p502. Can be used as a terminator gene in Aspergillus. 278bp
BBa_K3669008 tetO7 binding site operator Regulatory Seven copies of tetO with spacers in between. Binds tTA to induce expression of some promoter. Used as a binding site of tTA regulated by the amount of doxycycline in the system. 271bp
BBa_K3669009 ToxA Promoter Regulatory ToxA is a strong constitutive promoter, used to drive expression of a reporter gene. 265bp
BBa_K3669010 TtrpC Terminator Terminator Transcription terminator used to stop selective gene markers. 763bp
BBa_K3669011 trpC Promoter Regulatory trpC promoter used to drive selectable marker gene resistance. 351bp
BBa_K3669012 sGFP Reporter Variant of GFP, where a serine at position 65 is replaced with threonine. sGFP is a stronger reporter gene than normal GFP in filamentous fungi leading to greater fluorescence. 720bp
BBa_K3669013 Nos Terminator Terminator Nos Terminator used to stop transcription of reporter gene sGFP. 253bp
BBa_K3669014 HygR selectable marker CDS Confers resistance to the antibiotic hygromycin. Used for selectable markers in selectable media. For selecting plasmids, one can use this gene in the presence of hygromycin. 1026bp