Team:UC Davis/Safety


  • Due to the computational nature of our project, in-lab safety was not a real concern. However, we did consider it in our experimental design, and we spoke with a professor of bioethics to make sure that we were well informed of any other safety issues in our project. Team Members were trained in BSL1 lab safety prior to the project.
  • In regards to COVID-19, in person meetings were kept to an absolute minimum. Meetings taking place throughout the course of iGEM were held almost exclusively on zoom to avoid any unnecessary interactions. Only when filming for the Presentation Video did we meet in person. When filming took place, we did our best to socially distance and use masks in accordance with CDC guidelines as well as provide hand sanitizer to ensure a safe working environment. As a secondary precaution we staggered our filming days so that not everyone was in the same location at once in order to minimize risk.
  • Safety is addressed in greater detail in our procedural handbook