Team:UPCH Peru/Collaborations


During the iGEM season we have had interactions with many teams from around the world. Among these interactions, there were some that we valued as collaborations because of the shared work involved. One of them involved sustainable development goals with groups that shared our goal to address agricultural problems. Another one consisted of meetings hosted by us where a fellow iGEM team could talk with a Peruvian researcher that worked on the same disease as them.

SDG Collaboration

SDGs involve clear targets that would help us build a better world. Accomplish them with science support is essential. However, in developing countries, it's importance is commonly overlooked. That's why we recognize science communication key role to shift this current paradigm by raising awareness about the benefits of scientific approaches. This reason let us call our collaboration as the international movement #SinCienciaNoHayFuturo (#NoScienceNoFuture) and contribute to it from our position as an iGEM team and invite more teams to participate. This movement began in Spanish-speaking countries to raise awareness about the need for scientific research to keep thriving as a society, particularly for developing countries.

Our goal is to highlight how does each iGEM Project contributes to achieve the SDGs, in order to raise awareness about the benefits and importance of scientific approaches to achieve sustainable development.


Worldwide Collaborations

A Malaria talk with PhD Dionisia Gamboa & Malaria Survey
Organized by UPCH Peru iGEM Team

We organized a live interview with an experienced investigator in the field of Malaria disease here in Peru with IISER-Pune iGEM Team. This activity gave a better perspective about the situation of this disease in Latin America, how multiple interactions could be important to detect it and how many variations could affect the host depending on the type of Plasmodium. This interview was useful to the team because it provided major information about this disease, helping them shape their project and pay attention to minor details. We also help them with the translation of their Malaria Survey to Spanish, to increase your survey reach and audience perspective.

iJET-Collaboration Project
Organized by iGEM Aachen and iGEM Darmstadt Teams

This collaboration consisted in the design of a collaborative video in which iGEMers from different parts of the world would share an iJET, a paper plane, depicting the union and the goal of each member of the iGEM community to improve the world through the power of synthetic biology. The importance of this project was to show how synbio can connect us all, no matter where we come from.

Synbio: infinite possibilities
Organized by TUDelft iGEM Team

Through the creation of an informative video, this team tried to educate people about synthetic biology and all the possibilities synbio has to offer. Therefore the collaboration consisted of a short video in which several iGEM teams stated their project idea to show what iGEMers can achieve. This collaboration was important to demonstrate how several problems in different contexts around the world can be solved equally through synthetic biology.

SDGs infographic: Food security and sustainable development
Organized by Korea-SIS & UPCH Peru iGEM Teams

This collaboration consisted in the design of an infographic in which both teams could illustrate how their iGEM projects help overcoming agricultural challenges under the context of 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals. The importance of this infographic was to create awareness about food insecurity in developing countries and how synbio could be a key part to helping eradicate this challenge to achieve sustainable development in the future.

Journal initiative & Muggle Initiative
Organized by MSP-Maastricht iGEM Team

Consisted in the collection and publication of research papers of different iGEM Teams, following the procediment of a regular scientific journal, including peer review. The goal of this project was to create a Proceedings Journal compiling all the projects of the 2020 iGEM competition. This dynamic was interesting and useful, since it was a great opportunity to train academic writing and publishing skills.

iGEM symposium ‘Local Goals’
Organized by iGEM Leiden 2020 Team

In order to highlight how iGEM teams are using their skills to address local challenges, this team organised an online symposium on how international iGEM teams have taken on the challenge to tackle global and local issues using synthetic biology. For it, the teams briefly explained their local problem and the proposed synbio solution- their project -. Participating in this event was a great opportunity to not only introduce this local challenge to the world but also a chance to practice pitches and to get questions from the public.

Organized by RUM-UPRM iGEM Team

Consisted to share different environmental challenges that areas around the world are facing today. Therefore, by designing a poster, presentation, short video, brochure, drawing, collage, or any other creative method, it was intended to spread awareness of the different contaminants present in different iGEMers locations and their effects on the local biodiversity. This initiative allowed us to identify the variety of pollutants present in our country and start to think about possible actions to reduce the contamination.

i-Mask & Dengue Survey
Organized by IISER Berhampur iGEM Team

After the lockdown finished, people began to stop following COVID-19 prevention practices, one of them is the decrease in the use of masks, in our country we experienced a similar situation. In order to spread awareness of the importance of using masks, this team invited every iGEM team in a MASK DESIGNING collaboration and the theme they chose was ‘tv shows and movies’ cause those are, as they said, what kept us sane through continuous quarantine. We chose “Dancing with the birds”, a documentary film on Netflix. We also help them collect information on dengue, a common disease between both countries, thus, the information collected allowed them to broaden their knowledge of people's perspective on their project.

I've gotta PhD
Organized by CSMU_Taiwan & NCKU_Tainan iGEM Teams

Social Media could be used to spread awareness about health topics. Despite our project is far away related to their topic, we are also aware of the health problems that our community presents. That's why we wanted to spread the word with other persons and make notice them, that those issues can't be overlooked.This project was about public health education (PhD). This team selected seven topics related to public health and wrote a guideline for each one: Science Communication, Basic Health Care, Mental Health, Break Discrimination and Racism, Research, International Healthcare Organization and Policies. We collaborated making some work on two of the topics: Basic Health Care and Mental Health.

How to survive during a Pandemic?
Organized by IIT Roorkee iGEM Team

Due to the current pandemic situation, this team wanted to make a SDGs collaboration in which iGEMers from all over the world could tell and explain how they have been trying to stay positive during these challenging times. For that, we recorded a minute and a half video in which a member of the team explained what she did to stay happy and how new activities can help you forget the problems for a moment.

Make them smile
Organized by AFCM Egypt iGEM Team

This team aims to provide breast cancer patients with better opportunities and solutions. Because October is breast cancer month, they wanted to send an inspirational message to all their patients. To do so, they invited us to help them by putting smiles on the faces of breast cancer patients with a short video letting them know we are with them in this fight. We recorded a 10 seconds video in our native language, spanish, for this collaboration so they know that people around the world are with them.

Instagram Project
Organized by KoreaHS iGEM Team

This year was a different for the iGEM Competition. Some drawbacks were that we couldn't met physically in the Giant Jamboree event. However, that didn't stop this group to try to make connections by their Instagram platform. A place where teams from differente continents met and present it's project in an easy way.

Mentoring collaboration
Organized by Warwick iGEM Team & UPCH_Peru

In this ocassion, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences and recommendations for our igem journey, as we are new in the competition. As well as, we mentor them related to their Educational Project, such as adding aspects from pop-culture to their materials in order to be more engaging for high school students and testing them before its use. Becoming this one of our meaningful collaboration for the season.

An International Infographics
Organized by iGEM Athens

In order to create awareness about pollution effects around the world, we helped this team translating some definitions of types of pollution to our native language. By doing this, we could share this flyer to people from our social surroundings and continue spreading the message. Also, we added a local pollution problem to show the environmental challenges that we are currently phasing in Peru.

The iGEM Cookbook
Organized by Suny Oneanta iGEM Team

All countries has in common the love for food and traditional ways to prepare it. However, the awereness of how much GMOs ingridients a dish has is commonly overlooked. That's why, as scientist is our responsability to spread it in the most engaging way. Also, it opens our eyes and made us think aboout the procedence of our food and that there is a need to have more informaiton about it.

Quantum Dots Survey
Organized by NTHU Taiwan iGEM Team

Communicating new information is always a challenge. In our country, the concept of quantum dots is still new. However, the approach of teaching about them and asking the potential user if their project would be of interest. In this way, to have a space in the market, especially when it is a tendency for the process of obtaining an object to be responsible and compatible with nature.

Local Collaborations

Aprendo En Casa (AEC) Program
Organized by UPCH Peru & FDR-HB iGEM Teams

It arose from the need to support the virtualization process of the Peruvian Educational Curriculum, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the area of ​​Science and Technology. This collaboration included the proposal design meetings, planning and mutual assistance for editing and revising the scripts and / or videos to be presented to the production company. Together, we could spread our knowledge of science and synthetic biology to Peruvian high-school students, explaining basic topics and our own projects.

Educational Event
Organized by UPCH Peru & FDR-HB iGEM Teams

A second opportunity to collaborate came. Becaming a Partnership that you could explore in its respective page. In this time, we wanted to do an educational event for high school students. As in our country, synthetic biology is a really new topic. We decided to be first. We also invited teachers to observe take a look to our designed dynamic specially for this event. Our goal was to introduce the topic to the students, so we started from the basic aspects of molecular biology, increasing in complexity whith each dynamic.