Five thousand years ago, Shennong accidentally found out that tea could be an antidote. Since then, tea has entered the life of Chinese and been deeply rooted in traditional culture.

In 2019, total dry weight of tea product in China achieved 2.8 million tons, in which Fujian Province contributed 19%, yielding much more tea than all the other 18 provinces.

As an efficient and cheap herbicide, glyphosate, possesses the ,maximum productivity and is commonly used around the world. It inhibits the growth of weeds by suppressing the activity of shikimate synthase.

However, the far-reaching use of glyphosate has led excessive pesticide, which is a problem that cannot be ignored. For human, glyphosate may activate breast cancer cells and elicit disorders of reproductive system.

Up till now, the major detection method for glyphosate is LC-MS or MS , which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Besides, there’s still no effective means to degrade glyphosate

So,XMU-China hopes to realize a rapid detect-and-degrade method of glyphosate using synthetic biology .



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