Neo-Epitope Discovery for DNA-launched RNA Replicons:

Paving The Way To Effcient Breast Cancer Vaccination

Triple negative breas cancer is one of the mos aggressive breas cancer subtypes. It is characterized by a generally poor prognosis and srong resisance to traditional therapies. In the frs Phase of our project, we focused on designing a novel immunotherapeutic approach using DNA-launched RNA Replicons (DREP). We utilized our hotspot detection tool, “Cusommune”, to generate a lis of candidate neo-epitopes, validated them in silico, modeled the behavior of our suggesed circuits and optimized them to ensure maximal safety and efcacy.

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  • Retrieval of TNBC patients neo-mutations within prioritized set of HotSpot Antigens followed by epitope-prediction by Custommune and final vaccine design.

    Delivery of the Replicon-based DNA vaccine to host cells (e.g. myocytes) carrying potential epitopes.

    Release of exosomes and apoptotic bodies carrying the expressed epitope-based vaccine leading to TLR recognition stimulating innate immunity.

    Apoptotic Bodies Carrying Epitopes Exosomes Carrying Epitopes

    Dendritic cells recognition of expressed epitopes and IFN response.

    Dendritic cells present the epitopes to Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes and T-helper cells stimulating cell- mediated immunity.

    Recruitment and stimulation of B cells and antibody response.

    Recognition and attack of Triple-negative breast cancer cells.


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