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In the project section, you can see eight sections, which are:

In these sections, you can see:

  • why team BIT chose this year's project
  • how Through the cooperation of the biological part and the hardware part to meet our needs
  • how will the BIT team use this project in the real world and solve real-world problems
  • what problems team BIT solved to contribute to the subsequent teamsand more.


Although the COVID-19 has greatly affected the development of HP's work, team BIT still did a lot of work this year and played a vital role in the development of the project.

In this section, you can see:

  • How does the BIT team carry out various HP activities in the early, middle and final stages of the project to help the project become better
  • How does the BIT team sum up its past experience in popularizing science under the influence of the COVID-19 to provide reference for the present and the future, and how to carry out popularizing science under the epidemic


In this section, you can see how the BIT team meets the Medal Criteria and which iSpecial Prizes have been declared. At the same time, the BIT team's project this year is related to the COVID-19 detection, and we have also carefully considered safety.


In this section, you can see the members of team BIT and the people who have helped us, not only experts, teachers, interviewees, but also other iGEM teams. Not only that, this part also records our work schedule and our excellence work in another area.